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And, no, the crime was not failing to win a national championship.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Three Iowa wrestlers, Seth Gross, Logan Ryan, and Ross Lembeck, were arrested on alcohol-related charges by Marion police last week.  All three were charged with possession of alcohol under the legal age, and Lembeck (who was driving the car that was pulled over by police) was also charged with drunken driving.  Gross earned an additional charge of interference with official acts for "fighting with officers."

All three wrestlers may also be facing charges for more significant offenses as well.  Per The Gazette, they're being investigated for possible burglary charges as well.

Elam said the wrestlers were in possession of items believed to be taken from several burglaries in the area, including clothing items and a briefcase. He said the police department took seven burglary reports.

While exact charges haven't been determined yet, Elam said the three men are facing some combination of charges of second-degree burglary and burglary from a vehicle.

Second-degree burglary is a Class C felony in Iowa and carries with it a minimum sentence of a $1000 fine and a maximum sentence of no more than 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.  The burglary charges have not yet been filed and even if they are the wrestlers are unlikely to receive the maximum sentence, but even so -- if filed, the burglary charges would certainly elevate this beyond the usual "college kids will be college kids" business.

At present, the three wrestlers have been suspended indefinitely, per a UI statement:

IOWA CITY, Iowa - Three members of the University of Iowa wrestling team were arrested last Tuesday night. They are freshman Seth Gross, freshman Ross Lembeck, and freshman Logan Ryan. All three wrestlers have been suspended indefinitely.

"I am extremely disappointed with the decision-making of these three young men. I am currently gathering the facts and will use the UI's student code of conduct and our team rules as my starting points to address the situation," UI wrestling coach Tom Brands said in a prepared statement.

We'll have to wait for additional information, but if the second-degree burglary charges are filed against the three wrestlers, I would guess that their Iowa careers are at an end.  If the only charges that are filed against them end up being the alcohol-related ones (as well the "interference with official acts" charge), it's possible that they could be allowed to stay with the team and deal with whatever internal discipline is given to them by the Iowa Student Code of Conduct and Brands.

Gross, Lembeck, and Ryan are all freshmen who redshirted during the just-completed season.  Per d1collegewrestling, Gross was ranked the #41 recruit in the country in 2014, while Ryan was the #72 recruit in the country in 2014.  Gross went 12-4 during his redshirt campaign and finished 1st at 141 lbs at the Kaufman Brand Open.  Ryan went 22-6 during his redshirt campaign and finished 1st at 141 lbs at the Luther Open.  Lembeck went 7-4 during his redshirt campaign at 157 lbs.  Gross and Ryan were expected to compete with sophomore Topher Carton to fill the starting spot at 141 lbs next season.

We'll update this story if more information becomes available.