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Blow that record away, Iowa fans.

Tony Hager

Tickets for the much-hyped Grapple on the Gridiron outdoor dual meet between Iowa and Oklahoma State have been on sale as part of wrestling season ticket packages for a while -- but the tickets just went on sale to season ticket holders for other sports this week and today they went on sale to members of the general public.

You can order tickets -- only $10! -- right here.

And in case you're wondering how tickets are selling?  Uh, they're selling well.  REALLY WELL.

EDIT: And ticket sales have already rocketed past 20,000:

The previous attendance record for a dual meet was held by Penn State and Pitt with 15,996 attendees for a dual at the Bryce Jordan Center on December 8, 2013.  That record?  It's already gone.  Iowa's sold 18,000+ tickets to this event by 11:15 AM today.  When this event was announced, the plan was to sell 25,4000 reserved seats in Kinnick; any additional seats sold would be general admission.  I don't know if that plan has changed or not, although I suspect that if you want a ticket to this event, Iowa will sell you one -- a key goal for this event is to make it as big as possible, so it's hard for me to imagine them turning away potential ticket-buyers.  That said, if you want to be anywhere remotely close to the action, I'd snap up a ticket now.

Go Iowa Awesome.  This event looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.  Now let's just root for the weather to cooperate on November 14th...

NOTE: It's worth noting that there's a lot more cool wrestling going on in Iowa City this year than just the Kinnick dual -- Iowa will be hosting the Big Ten Championships in March (where they'll be hoping to repeat as Big Ten Champions -- though hopefully as solo champs rather than shared champs) and the 2016 Olympic Team Trials in April (where former Iowa standouts like Brent Metcalf, Tony Ramos, Matt McDonough, and Dan Dennis will be vying to represent the United States in the Rio Olympics next summer).  More information about tickets for those events is available right here.