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Brent Metcalf out there doin' Brent Metcalf things


At last! The match NBC Sports didn't want you to see!  We were a little sore a week ago when NBC Sports aired a tape-delayed version of Beat the Streets 2014, the USA v. the World Freestyle wrestling event from Times Square, that didn't include Brent Metcalf's match with Russian star Magomed Kurbanaliev.

You know, even though Brent Metcalf is probably the United States' best shot at winning a freestyle medal, outside of Jordan Burroughs and Jake Varner.

Even though Kurbanaliev is one of the best wrestlers in the world at 65 kg, a former medalist at the World University Games and World Championships.

Even though it was one of the best matches of the entire event.

No, despite all that NBC Sports opted to air other matches, because... reasons.  But whatever.  We can stop lamenting their poor programming decisions now and just focus on what really matters: the fact that Brent Metcalf is still a huge badass and still so damn fun to watch.

Next up for Metcalf?  The World Team Trials in Madison, WI at the end of the month for a spot on the USA team competing in this fall's World Championships.