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Two men enter the pool, one man leaves... a few seconds faster than the other one.

Friday night actually featured two Iowa-Iowa State showdowns: one in basketball and one in swimming.  How do you gin up interest in a swimming dual at Iowa?  You bring in two guys who know a lot about drawing crowds to dual meets at Iowa: Tom and Terry Brands.  The Brands brothers participated in a 50-meter freestyle swimming race at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center ahead of the Iowa-Iowa State swimming dual on Friday night.  Iowa Corn agreed to donate $250 to a charity chosen by the winner.

SPOILER ALERT: That's not what they wore.  Although it would have been much funnier if they had.

"Ze goggles, zey do nothing... to help me swim faster!"

So who won?  Tom Brands bested his brother, 35.52 seconds to 37.72 seconds.  You can find the full race below (with bonus Dan Gable appearance):

Warner Bros. already tabbed Jason Momoa to play Aquaman in an upcoming movie, but maybe they want to reconsider:

Evil's got no chance when Tom Brands puts it in an underwater headlock.

Ed. Note: I've been slacking on real wrestling coverage, I realize.  Mea culpa.  More coming soon!