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B1G Wrestling Tournament Seeding Preview

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Will Brands and Co. have the Hawkeyes peaking come March?

We're a little over halfway through the B1G season, so it is time to starting thinking about B1G tournament seeding. These seedings are based on the year-to-date results and if the B1G tournament were to happen tomorrow. Special thanks to a Friend of the Pants twade for compiling these predictions. The tournament is just a little over a month away, so BHGP is here to put things into perspective and discuss what needs to happen between now and March 8th for Iowa to put themselves in the best position possible to bring home a B1G title.



1) Nico Megaludis, JR (PSU)
2) Thomas Gilman, RS FR (IA)
3) Jesse Delgado, JR (IL)
4) Ryan Taylor, RS FR (WI)
5) Tim Lambert, RS FR (NE)
6) Nick Roberts, RS FR (OSU)
7) Conor Youtsey, RS FR (MI)
8) Camden Eppert, SR (PU)
9) Sam Brancale, RS FR (MN)
10) Joe Duca, JR (IN)
11) Garrison White, SO (NW)
12) Brenan Lyon, SR (MSU)


Even with the loss to Brancale, I don't see Gilman moving out of #2 for now. That loss to Brancale is his only loss in B1G duals (the Mega loss was considered out-of-conference). It's also tough seeing Brancale moving up - he has losses to both Youtsey and Eppert. Taylor beat Lambert on Friday so he improved his seeding spot by a couple places. Megaludis beat Delgado on Friday, so he's locked into the #1 spot. With Gilman beating Delgado at Midlands, I have a hard time seeing him moving down from #2 at this juncture, but we'll see.


1) Tony Ramos, SR (IA)
2) Tyler Graff, SR (WI)
3) Johnni DiJuliusm SO (OSU)
4) Zane Richards, RS FR (IL)
5) Cashe Quiroga, SR (PU)
6) Jimmy Gulibon, RS FR (PSU)
7) David Thorn, SR (MN)
8) Shawn Nagel, SR (NE)
9) Rossi Bruno, SO (MI)
10) Dom Malonem SO (NW)
11) Chris Caton, FR (IN)
12) Garth Yenter, RS FR (MSU)


Richards beat Gulibon on Friday. Quiroga got stuck by Nagel on Sunday, so Richards moves into the #4 seed (his only B1G loss is to Graff). Not sure how far Quiroga falls after getting pinned - he's now 3-2 vs. B1G compeition (losses to Ramos and Nagel) and his best win is over Gulibon. For now I'm keeping him ahead of Gulibon and only dropping him one spot after losing to Nagel. Nagel jumps up to 8 from 12 with the win over Quiroga. That win is better than Bruno's best win (over Yenter).


1) Zain Retherferd, FR (PSU)
2) Logan Stieber, JR (OSU)
3) Steven Rodrigues, SO (IL)
4) Josh Dziewa, JR (IA)
5) Chris Dardanes, JR (MN)
6) Steve Dutton, JR (MI)
7) Danny Sabatello, SO (PU)
8) Ethan Raley, SO (IN)
9) Jesse Thielke, RS FR (WI)
10) Colton McCrystal, FR (NE)
11) Pat Greco, JR (NW)
12) Brian Gibbs, SO (MSU)


Dziewa's win moves him into the #4 seed. I still have him below Rodrigues because Rodrigues beat him at Midlands; incidentally, Rodrigues hasn't wrestled since Midlands. Dardanes drops below Dziewa with his loss on Saturday. Ultimately, Dziewa is likely wrestling for 3rd place at B1Gs because he won't beat Stieber or Retherford.


1) Jake Sueflohn, JR (NE)
2) Eric Grajales, SR (MI)
3) Nick Dardanes, JR (MN)
4) Brody Grothus, SO (IA)
5) Jason Tsirtsis, RS FR (NW)
6) Andrew Alton, JR (PSU)
7) Ian Paddock, SR (OSU)
8) Caleb Ervin, SO (IL)
9) Brandon Nelsen, JR (PU)
10) Eric Roach, SO (IN)
11) TJ Ruschell, RS FR (WI)
12) Nick Trimble, SO (MSU)


149 is just a cluster... I went with Sueflohn as the #1 since he has wins over Grajales and Grothus even though he also has a loss to Tsirtsis. Grajales has a loss to Paddock, but beat Dardanes and Tsirtsis. Dardanes has one loss (to Grajales) and a win over Tsirtsis. Grothus will be in a good spot to place high at B1Gs.


1) James Green, JR (NE)
2) Dylan Ness, JR (MN) 3-1 (W over DSJ, L to Murphy)
3) Derek St. John, SR (IA) 6-2 (W over Jordan, Walsh; L to Green, Ness)
4) Dylan Alton, JR (PSU) 2-0 (W over Brunson)
5) Brian Murphy, FR (MI) 4-2 (W over Ness; L to Brunson, Green)
6) Isaac Jordan, RS FR (WI) 5-2 (W over Brunson, Walsh; L to DSJ, Martinez (ILL redshirt)
7) Taylor Walsh, JR (IN) 7-3 (W over Vollrath; L to Green, DSJ, Jordan)
8) Zac Brunson, RS FR (IL)
9) Doug Welch, SO (PU)
10) Roger Wildmo, SO (MSU)
11) Dylan Marriott, SO (NW)
12) Randy Languis, JR (OSU)


After Green, this weight is all over the place. To help, I've listed each guys' record vs. B1G opponents and listed their best wins and losses. That loss to Ness really hurt DSJ. There's a chance he could drop to #4 (with Alton moving ahead of him). He's got 2 B1G losses (Ness and Green) and his best win is over Jordan. Alton's undefeated in B1G wrestling, but his best win was Friday over Brunson. Not much of a resume yet, but I've given him a bump. Walsh has really dropped - his loss Friday to Jordan really made me look at his resume with a new set of eyes. I'm really struggling on where to put Ness - he has 1 loss in B1G wrestling (to Murphy last weekend)...Murphy has losses to Brunson and Green. I don't have a clue how they're going to seed this.

DSJ will be fine come March. Green was very impressive and I think he might get the best of DSJ at the B1Gs. But come NCAA Tournament time I think DSJ will find a way to stop those doubles and come away with another national championship.


1) David Taylor, SR (PSU)
2) Nick Moore, JR (IA)
3) Dan Yates, SR (MI)
4) Jackson Morse, JR (IL)
5) Pierce Harger, JR (NW)
6) Danny Zilverberg, SR (MN)
7) Ryan LeBlanc, SR (IN)
8) Frank Cousins, JR (WI)
9) Joe Grandominico, SR (OSU)
10) Chad Welch, SO (PU)
11) Robert Nash, SR (MSU)
12) Austin Wilson, SO (NE)


Moore continues to impress and getting to the finals will be expected. Beating the Unicorn looks to be impossible after their matchup in Carver. It is what it is....damn unicorns. Big match-ups for Moore with Yates and Harger in his next two duals. He needs to win those to stay at the #2 seed.


1) Matt Brown, JR (PSU)
2) Robert Kokesh, JR (NE)
3) Mike Evans, JR (IA)
4) Logan Storley, JR (MN)
5) Tony Dallago, SR (IL)
6) Mark Martin, SO (OSU)
7) Lee Munster, JR (NW)
8) Scott Liegel, SR (WI)
9) Collin Zeerip, JR (MI)
10) Patrick Kissel, JR (PU)
11) Kevin Nash, JR (MSU)
12) Nate Jackson, RS FR (IN)


Evans' win over Storley this weekend jumps him from the #4 to the #3 seed. Kokesh moves up to #2 as a result with Storley dropping to #4. The win Saturday should give Evans some much needed confidence going into the postseason.


1) Ed Ruth, SR (PSU)
2) Kevin Steinhaus, SR (MN)
3) Ethen Lofthouse, SR (IA)
4) TJ Dudley, RS FR (NE)
5) Kenny Courts, SO (OSU)
6) Domenic Abounader, FR (MI)
7) Jackson Hein, SR (WI)
8) Luke Sheridan, JR (IN)
9) Nikko Reyes, RS FR (IL)
10) John Rizqallah, JR (MSU)
11) Tanner Lynde, RS FR (PU)
12) Jacob Berkowitz, SO (NW)


Rizqallah had a rough weekend - losing to Abounader and Reyes. Keep up the great work up in East Lansing, Tom Minkel! Sheridan lost to Hein as well. Ethen doesn't have much of a B1G resume so far: 4-1 (best W is over Rizqallah and his L is to Ruth). In order to be consistent, this is part of the reason I moved Dylan Alton up to the 4 seed - same situation as Ethen, a former AA with a limited resume this season getting the benefit of the doubt. Brooks or Lofthouse's remaining schedule is Berkowitz, Abounader and Hein...not exactly murderer's row.


1) Scott Schiller, JR (MN)
2) Morgan McIntosh, SO (PSU)
3) Mario Gonzalez, SR (IL)
4) Nick Heflin, SR (OSU)
5) Braden Atwood, JR (PU)
6) Nathan Burak, SO (IA)
7) Alex Polizzi, JR (NW)
8) Timmy McCall, JR (WI)
9) Nick McDiarmid, JR (MSU)
10) Chris Heald, JR (MI)
11) Caleb Kolb, SR (NE)
12) Garret Goldman, SO (IN)


McCall got stuck by Polizzi on Sunday -- that loss really drops him. Burak has the W over Polizzi from Midlands, so he stays ahead of him for now. Heald lost to McDiarmid on Friday, so they swap spots. Burak's loss to Atwood really hurts and getting majored by Schiller also really hurts. The only remaining dual where he has a chance to really improve his seeding is the last dual of the year against Wisconsin's McCall (who knocked off Heflin a few weeks ago). If Burak can beat Polizzi and McCall in these next two duals, he should secure the #6 seed at worst.


1) Mike McMullan, JR (NW)
2) Adam Coon, FR (MI)
3) Bobby Telford, JR (IA)
4) Tony Nelson, SR (MN)
5) Adam Chalfant, SR (IN)
6) Jimmy Lawson, JR (PSU)
7) Mike McClure, SR (MSU)
8) Conor Medbery, SO (WI)
9) Collin Jensen, RS FR (NE)
10) Nick Tavanello, RS FR (OSU)
11) Christopher Lopez, SO (IL)
12) Alex White, SR (PU)


What a weekend at HWT! Coon lost to McClure on Friday (it was 1-1 with 20 sec left, then he gave up the TD in a scramble plus NF points). Then Telford knocked off Nelson on Saturday. As a result, McMullan takes over the top spot, jumping Coon since McMullan's loss is to Chalfant, a better wrestler than McClure. Telford jumps Nelson and takes the #3 seed. Bobby also has matches with McMullan and Coon coming up, so his B1G seeding is really in his hands. Bobby needs to keep going to his offense. This should be a fun weight class to see how it all shakes out.