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The Hawkeye Wrestling Club Takes the Arctic Plunge

Talk about shrinkage.

What is the Hawkeye Wrestling Club (HWC) and why are they jumping into freezing cold water? I'll let them explain:

Since its inception in 1973, the focus of Hawkeye Wrestling Club has always been to provide the training, coaching and resources necessary to help our athletes pursue their dreams of becoming World and Olympic Champions. The money raised through the HWC goes directly to benefit the athletes helping with living expenses, training and traveling needs. Maybe the most important aspect of the HWC is its pursuit in trying to get the best post-collegiate athletes to train with the HWC together in Iowa City to attain the ultimate prize in wrestling... World and Olympic gold medals.

How can you support HWC? Two words


This year's plunge will take place in the warmth of the night. We thought we would change it up a little bit and have a night plunge with a social gathering afterwards. We hope to gain more participants and more spectators this year and do something very few even dare to do.

This year's plunge will be the night before the Iowa/Minnesota dual meet, Friday January 24th. So come to town early and participate or just spectate on Friday night and then head on over to take in the wrestling action on Saturday afternoon.

Friday, Jan. 24th 2014
6:00pm-6:45pm - Pick up gear and check-in
7:00PM - Plunge
Beverages (coffee, tea, hot chocolate) provided all night, light apps will be available after plunge

Register for this event online: Pledge info will be emailed to you
Make a pledge Don't want to take the plunge yourself? Please pledge to Josh "Rainbow Pop" Schamberger

Josh Schamberger is giving away some amazing memorabilia. Everyone that donates to him will have a chance at these items below.


2014 Plungers
Andy Litton
Ben "The Yeti" Berhow
Brad "the Burr-Meister" Lester
Brandon Hudson
Brian Litton
Conner Parker
Dave Aspelmeier
Eric Heinkel
James Kelly
Jeff Larkins
Jesse "The Galloping Giraffe" Donnenwerth
Jon (Bubba) Holdefer
Josh "Rainbow Pop" Schamberger
Kinsee Brands
Luke "Master Plunger" Eustice
Luke "White Out" Lofthouse
Madigan Brands
Mark "Hot Rod" Ironside
Matt "Frozen Gazelle" Phippen
Matthew Lepic
Matthew McDonough
Michael Matzen
Mike "Oldie but Goodie" Doughty
Nelson Brands
Ryan "Pale Rider" Morningstar
Ryan Baack
Scott Eslinger
Scott Saville
Stacy St. John
Stephanie Mohr
Terry "Ice Cube" Brands
Tim "Arctic Thunder" Leemkuil
Tom "Polar Bear" Brands
Tommy Brands

Want to see what you are getting yourself into before deciding to plunge??

2013 Hawkeye Wrestling Club Arctic Plunge (via The Daily Iowan)

We encourage everyone in the area to come check it out.. Fun for the whole family. We will have soup and sandwiches while they last as a thank you for coming out and watching. We will have coffee, tea, and hot cocoa as well.

It's at Brown Deer Golf Course and the address is on the website and below:

Brown Deer Golf Course
1900 Country Club Dr.
Coralville, Iowa, 52241

Should be a great time and we are looking forward to it. All proceeds are going to the HWC to support wrestling at the next level!

For details, email Luke Eustice at