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BHGPodcast 112: The One Where the Gang Interviews Brent Metcalf

An Iowa legend stops by the BHGPod.

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Iowa sports may be on summer break at the moment, but some Iowa athletes -- or legendary former Iowa athletes -- are still competing. The other day, I broke down the performance of several current and former Iowa stars at the World Team Trials and Junior World Team Trials. As an Iowa fan, the headline story from that event was Brent Metcalf triumphing at 66 kg and winning a spot on the United States team that will compete in the FILA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary this September. He avenged high-profile losses in the past two World Team Trials events, as well as in last spring's Olympic Trials. He also avenged a loss to Jordan Oliver at the US Open a few months ago. It was, all told, a fantastic outing for Brent.

Fortunately for us, Brent graciously took some to talk to Pat and I about the World Team Trials, his preparations for the FILA World Championships, his thoughts on the new freestyle rules, his support for the Save Olympic Wrestling movement, and a few thoughts about his days at Iowa. Trust me: it's a good listen. After all, it's not every day we get a 2-time Big Ten Champion, 2-time NCAA Champion, Olympic hopeful to appear on the BHGPodcast.

And be sure to check out Save Olympic Wrestling, where you can get caught up to speed on the quest to get wrestling back into the Olympics, review the new freestyle rules, sign a petition at, and donate if you're so inclined.

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