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Iowa Recruit Edwin Cooper Arrested and Charged With Assault

The Curse of 149 strikes again...

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Remember a few months ago when I wrote about the other vengeful deity attacking a certain subset of Iowa athletes*? Angry Iowa 149er Hating God? Well, he's back up to his old tricks and already imperiling Iowa's depth at that problematic weight class, over four months away from the official beginning of the 2013-14 wrestling season. This time Angry Iowa 149er Hating God has turned his wrath upon Edwin Cooper, the newest addition to the Iowa team.

So what divine retribution did this deity inflict upon Cooper? Sayeth the Press-Citzen:

According to Iowa City police, Edwin Devon Cooper Jr., 20, struck an unidentified victim several times in the face. When the victim retreated inside his residence at the 400 block of South Johnson Street, Cooper allegedly began pounding on the door. Police said Cooper left the area as officers arrived but later returned and was eventually apprehended by police.

Yeah. That's not good. Obviously, we need to wait and let things play out -- Cooper remains innocent until proven guilty -- but on the face of it, this is not good for Cooper or his potential career at Iowa. Unless the charges are reduced (or dropped outright), it's entirely possible (if not probable) that Cooper's Iowa career could be over before it even begins.

Cooper was a late addition to Iowa's 2013 recruiting class, a JUCO transfer from Ellsworth Community College. He won a junior college national championships in 2012 when he was at Iowa Central Community College. Cooper redshirted at Ellsworth this past season. Cooper was expected to provide not just depth at 149 lbs., but to also contend for the starting spot at that weight. It's not certain that he would have won the spot and it's also not certain that he would have been a significant upgrade on Iowa's other options at that weight (although, based on past results, it wouldn't have taken a great deal for him to be an upgrade) -- but he certainly had the potential to do so. Now we'll have to wait and see if he'll ever get a chance to develop that potential in an Iowa singlet.

* There's actually at least three if you count the angry god that keeps attacking the ACLs of Iowa women's basketball players.