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We Must Break You: Illinois (and Game Thread)

Back to work.


I didn't get a preview up in time, so we'll do it quick and dirty:

* I'm picking Iowa 22-9. I think Iowa wins every weight except 149, 165, and 184 or 197 (I flip-flop on which weight Illinois wins there, but I think they'll take one of them). I think Mark Ballweg gets a major decision at 141.

* The big matches are 125 (McD vs. the last man to beat him, Jesse Delgado), 133 (Ramos in a rare test against a ranked opponent), 165 (another chance for Nick Moore to prove himself against an All-America candidate), 174 (Mike Evans vs. another top-10 opponent), and 184 (where either Ethen Lofthouse or Grant Gambrall will be looking to prove themselves against a ranked opponent).

* Mark Ballweg should be facing B.J. Futrell (ranked #3 at 141), but Futrell is dealing with some undisclosed (and, per rumors, possibly career-threatening) injuries and it sounds like he'll be sitting this dual out.

Anyway, let's see what Iowa can do. This will also serve as your game thread for the meet. The meet is on BTN at 7pm.

The usual rules apply: no links to illegal online streams, no porn, no politics, no religion, no slurs, etc.