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It was a good afternoon for Hawkeye wrestling.

Tessa Hursh, Daily Iowan

The 2013 Midlands Championships are almost wrapped up -- and what a tournament it's been for Iowa.  After placing 10 wrestlers in the semifinals, Iowa saw 7 of those 10 wrestlers win their matches today and make it to this evening's finals -- including the upset of the tournament, featuring 4-seed Thomas Gilman (Iowa's backup at 125 lbs.) upsetting 1-seed (and #1 ranked) Jesse Delgado, the defending NCAA champion at the weight.  There were a few disappointing results this afternoon, but for the most part there was a whole lot of GO IOWA AWESOME.


As you can see, the team title race is in the bag for Iowa.  They're just 12.5 points away from setting the all-time points record at Midlands, too.

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125: 2-seed Jarrod Garnett (Bison WC) DEC (10-8 SV) 3-seed Cory Clark 
125: 4-seed Thomas Gilman  DEC (3-1) 1-seed Jesse Delgado (Illinois)
133: 2-seed Tony Ramos DEC (5-0) 6-seed Alan Waters (Missouri-UN)
141: Steve Rodrigues (Illinois) DEC (4-3) 7-seed Josh Dziewa
157: 1-seed Derek St. John DEC (5-3 SV) 4-seed Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin)
165: 2-seed Nick Moore DEC (4-3) 3-seed Taylor Massa (Michigan-UN)
174: 1-seed Mike Evans MAJ DEC (10-1) 12-seed Zach Epperly (Virginia Tech)
184: 1-seed Ethen Lofthouse DEC (8-2) 5-seed Ophir Bernstein (Brown)
197: 2-seed Christian Boley (Maryland) DEC (3-2) 3-seed Nathan Burak
285: 1-seed Bobby Telford DEC (4-2) 4-seed J.T. Felix (Boise State)

The highlight of this session was undoubtedly Gilman's upset win over Delgado, but Ramos, St. John, and Moore all gritted out difficult wins over tough opponents.  The lowlight of this session was probably Cory Clark collapsing a bit in the third period against Jarrod Garnett, although Josh Dziewa losing to an unseeded opponent at 141 the round after he'd knocked off 2-seed Richard Durso was also disappointing.


125: 5-seed Dylan Peters (UNI) WINS BY MED FORFEIT over Cory Clark
141: 7-seed Josh Dziewa DEC (11-9 SV) 9-seed Ethan Raley (Indiana)
149: Brody Grothus FALL (1:38) 3-seed David Habat (Edinboro)
149: Brody Grothus DEC (8-4) Rylan Lubeck (Wisconsin)
149: Brody Grothus DEC (3-2) 1-seed Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern)
149: Brandon Sorensen DEC (7-6) 4-seed Zach Neibert (Va Tech)
149: Brandon Sorensen MAJ DEC (13-3) Chad Walsh (Rider-UN)
149: Brandon Sorensen DEC (10-3) Blake Roulo (George Mason-UN)
174: Alex Meyer DEC (5-3 SV) 3-seed Elliot Riddick (Lehigh)
174: 2-seed Hayden Zillmer (North Dakota State) DEC (7-2) Alex Meyer
174: 7th place match: Alex Meyer FALL (2:54) Monte Schmalhaus (Utah Valley State)
184: 7-seed Sammy Brooks DEC (11-4) Rick Robertson (Wisconsin-UN)|
184: 7-seed Sammy Brooks DEC (2-1 OT) 12-seed Kurt Julson (North Dakota State)
184: 5-seed Ophir Bernstein DEC (10-8) 7-seed Sammy Brooks
197: 3-seed Nathan Burak DEC (5-3) 5-seed Alex Polizzi (Northwestern)

Dziewa rebounded with an OT win after falling behind big early in his match after losing to Rodrigues; it was nice to see him pull things together and scratch out a win rather than just throwing in the towel.  Meanwhile, the highlight of the consolation bracket was (shockingly) 149 lbs., where Iowa did work.  Brody Grothus beat the 1- and 3-seeded wrestlers here, while Brandon Sorensen beat the 4-seeded wrestler and has been rolling up the points against his other opponents.  149 was a predictable source of dismay for Iowa fans in the early going of the tournament yesterday, but Grothus and Sorensen have rebounded with emphatic performances since then, which is just fantastic to see.


125: FINALS -- 4-seed Thomas Gilman vs. 2-seed Jarrod Garnett (Bison WC)
133: FINALS -- 2-seed Tony Ramos vs. 4-seed Joe Colon (UNI)
157: FINALS -- 1-seed Derek St. John vs. 3-seed Taylor Walsh (Indiana)
165: FINALS -- 2-seed Nick Moore vs. 1-seed Steven Monk (North Dakota State)
174: FINALS -- 1-seed Mike Evans vs. Shane Hughes (Columbia)
184: FINALS -- 1-seed Ethen Lofthouse vs. 2-seed Jimmy Sheptock (Maryland)
285: FINALS -- 1-seed Bobby Telford vs. 3-seed Adam Coon (Michigan)


125: 5th place match -- 3-seed Cory Clark vs. Sean Boyle (Michigan)
141: 3rd place match -- 7-seed Josh Dziewa vs. 2-seed Richard Durso (F&M)
149: 3rd place match -- Brody Grothus vs. Brandon Sorensen
184: 5th place match -- 7-seed Sammy Brooks vs. Keegan Mueller (D1 Fit)
197: 3rd place match -- 3-seed Nathan Burak vs. 9-seed John Bolich (Lehigh)

* * *

This post will also serve as your open thread for Session IV.

WHO: A slew of teams, including Iowa, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Virginia Tech, Illinois, Edinboro, and Michigan.
WHAT: Two-day tournament featuring wrestlers at all 10 weights.
WHERE: Evanston, IL
WHEN: December 29 and December 30
Session I: 9:30 AM Sunday
Session II: 7:00 PM Sunday
Session III: 12:00 PM Monday
Session IV: 8:00 PM Monday
TV: The finals (Session IV) will be live on BTN; I don't know if video coverage of other sessions will be available on Hawkeye All-Access ($$$)
RADIO: AM 800-KXIC (local) or Hawkeye All-Access (national; $$$)
TWITTER: @IowaWRLive@Hawks_Wrestling@hagertony@Andy_Hamilton@kjpilcher

The usual rules apply.