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Iowa vs Penn State Dual of Doom: Predictions and ODDS!

#3 Iowa Hawkeyes take on #1 Penn State in wrestling.

The Dual of Doom is set up to be an instant classic. Remember when we thought this dual would never happen? Luckily, Tom Brands and Cael Sanderson made sure this dual could take place this year. If you do not think wrestling matters at the university, you are wrong. Learn more about who made sacrifices at the University to make this dual happen for the fans.

And after all that, we have ourselves a great matchup to talk about!! Who's ready??

Hawkeye fans are currently winning the twitter battle. Did you retweet?

Iowa wrestling fans are known for packing Carver. And not just for one dual to break a record, either, but Iowa wrestling fans are consistently showing up to cheer on the wrestling team. The numbers don't lie, folks. Iowa has the best fans in the nation.

WHO: #1 PENN STATE (1-4)
WHEN: 8:04 PM CST; Saturday, December 21st, 2013
WHERE: Carver Hawkeye Arena (Iowa City, IA)
ONLINE: Hawkeye All-Access ($)
RADIO: AM-800 KXIC (free), Hawkeye All-Access (online; $)
TWITTER: @IowaWRLive, @hagertony, @bhgp



Iowa is 24-0 in December duals under head coach Tom Brands and you can bet he believes that streak will continue. Iowa head coach Tom Brands owns a 6-1 all-time record against Penn State head coach Cael Sanderson. Here the Hawks talk about preparing for Penn State.

Last three meetings:
2011: #8 Iowa 22, at #1 Penn State 13
2012: #2 Iowa, 12, at #3 Penn State 22
2013: #1 Penn State 16, at #3 Iowa 22

Last Meeting:

#3 IOWA 22, #1 PENN STATE 16
125 - #1 Matt McDonough (IA) dec. #2 Nico Megaludis (PSU), 2-1 (TB1)
133 - #2 Tony Ramos (IA) pinned Jordan Conaway (PSU), 4:23
141 - #9 Mark Ballweg (IA) major dec. Bryan Pearsall (PSU), 12-2
149 - #8 Andrew Alton (PSU) major dec. Brody Grothus (IA), 18-8
157 - #1 Derek St. John (IA) dec. #5 Dylan Alton (PSU), 4-3
165 - #2 David Taylor (PSU) tech. fall #13 Nick Moore (IA), 18-2
174 - #6 Mike Evans (IA) dec. #4 Matt Brown (PSU), 4-3
184 - #1 Ed Ruth (PSU) major dec. Grant Gambrall (IA), 21-10
197 - #3 Quentin Wright (PSU) dec. #19 Nathan Burak (IA), 8-3
285 - #6 Bobby Telford (IA) dec. #17 Jon Gingrich (PSU), 9-2

BHGP Probable Lineups:

#3 Iowa Hawkeyes (6-0)

125: #4 Cory Clark (*Fr. 9-0)
133: #3 Tony Ramos (Sr. 8-1)
141: #10 Josh Dziewa Jr. 10-1
149: Michael Kelly (Jr. 9-1)
157: #1 Derek St. John (Sr. 11-0)
165: #4 Nick Moore (Jr. 5-0)
174: #6 Mike Evans (Jr.11-0)
184: #2 Ethen Lofthouse (Sr. 10-0)
197: Sammy Brooks (*Fr. 9-3)
285: #3 Bobby Telford (Jr. 6-0)

#1 Penn State (6-0)

125: #3 Nico Megaludis (JR. 10-1)
133: #15 Jimmy Guilibon (Fr. 4-5)
141: #2 Zane Retherford (Fr. 11-0)
149: Zack Beitz (Fr. 6-4)
157: James Vollrath (Sr. 8-3)
165: #1 David Taylor (Sr. 11-0)
174: #3 Matt Brown (Jr.11-0)
184: #1 Ed Ruth (Sr. 11-0)
197: #3 Morgan Mcintosh (So. 10-0)
285: #12 Jimmy Lawson (Jr. 10-0)

(NOTE FROM ROSS: My picks are coming tomorrow, in my weight-by-weight preview with Ben from BSD.)

125lbs: #4 Cory Clark (*Fr. 9-0) vs #3 Nico Megaludis (JR. 10-1)
Fans need to get Clark's win over Delgado out of their mind. Do it for me now. FORGET IT! Now that we can move on... this is a HUGE matchup for Clark. McD clearly had a knack for beating Megaludis so I expect some great coaching from him and staff this week. This is the stage we need Cory to win on. I think Cory battles throughout the first and second period, but Mega turns it on in the third. Mega always has a full gas tank and you know he will be hungry for a win inside Carver. If Clark is not on his A game, he has a chance to get majored. I hope I am wrong, but Clark just isn't at Mega's level yet.

Megaludis by dec: 0-3 PSU

133lbs: #3 Tony Ramos (Sr. 8-1) vs #15 Jimmy Guilibon (Fr. 4-5)
Ramos loves this stage. He has a 38-0 record at Carver. Pretty damn impressive, eh? Ramos will not disappoint Hawkeye fans Saturday night. Ramos will come out firing on all cylinders to mentally and physically break his opponent. Ramos will be looking for the TECH but can't get it done because of Gulibon's dinosaur arms. I was on the Gulibon train but after seeing some of his matches this year I am off that train.

Ramos by Major Dec: 4-3 Iowa

141lbs: #10 Josh Dziewa Jr. 10-1 vs #2 Zane Retherford (Fr. 11-0)
Dziewa should be fired up from the crowd getting behind him in this match. Every loyal Iowa wrestling fan will be talking about how Retherord just beat Stieber and is the next Dake blah blah. Great win for the kid, but he hasn't wrestled inside Carver. Don't expect bonus points from Retherford but he should get the win over Dziewa.

Retherford by dec: 4-6 Penn State

149lbs: Michael Kelly (Jr. 9-1) vs Zack Beitz (Fr. 6-4)
I don't think we will see Alton for this matchup. There are bigger things down the road for Alton than a non-conference dual between Iowa and PSU. I think Cael sits him and starts Beitz. There is also a chance Brody Grothus could wrestle in this matchup, but after the Edinboro dual I think we see Kelly. Whether Cael sends Alton or Beitz out there, Kelly should be able to step up and pull out a late third period victory.

Kelly by dec: 7-6 Iowa

157lbs: #1 Derek St. John (Sr. 11-0) vs James Vollrath (Sr. 8-3)
DSJ is the guy we can count on for a big win, but not so much in the bonus points department. DSJ should have no problem beating Vollrath, but I think the senior Vollrath will slow the match down even further in order to keep this to a decision.

Derek St. John by dec: 10-6 Iowa

165lbs: #4 Nick Moore (Jr. 5-0) vs #1 David Taylor (Sr. 11-0)
Moore is getting better, but he's not on Taylor's level yet. Taylor straight up embarrassed Moore last year at Carver. Don't expect as much of a pounding this time because Moore has improved in all aspects of his wrestling. I think Moore keeps this to a major and Hawk fans let out a sigh of relief.

Taylor maj dec: TIE 10-10

174lbs: #6 Mike Evans (Jr.11-0) vs #3 Matt Brown (Jr.11-0)
Evans feeds off the crowd like Ramos and that's what will help him get this win over Brown. Evans is 20-0 inside Carver and he will need all the help he can get. Brown is strong and physical, but so is Evans. Expect a battle to the end with Evans pulling off a late TD for the win.

Evans by dec: Iowa 13-10

184lbs: #2 Ethen Lofthouse (Sr. 10-0) vs #1 Ed Ruth (Sr. 11-0)
Ruth is the clear favorite in this matchup. He puts up big points most of the time, but he won't against Lofthouse this year. Look for Lofthouse to slow the match down.

Ruth by dec: TIE 13-13

197lbs: Sammy Brooks (*Fr. 9-3) vs #3 Morgan Mcintosh (So. 10-0)

The info I am receiving points to Burak not starting against Penn State. That's not a huge deal as we are still learning what Brooks has to offer and this will be his first big test. Most Iowa fans will be nervous to see him out there, but maybe this dual can answer a lot of questions for Hawkeye fans. Will Brooks come alive in this dual? Will he make his case for being the starter at 197 lbs for the Hawkeyes? Will Brands and Co. use a redshirt on Burak if Brooks steps up? This is obviously the biggest test for the redshirt freshman. Look for Brooks to be in the match going into the third period. McIntosh is a beast, but he has looked vulnerable at times this year. Still, I think his overall size wears down the undersized freshman and McIntosh gets a few takedowns late to seal the win.

IF Brooks wrestles McIntosh, then what I would like to see happen is have Burak wrestle unattached at Midlands and see which guy comes out on top. If there isn't a big difference between the two competing in a tournament like Midlands then don't burn the redshirt on Burak. Personally at this point, I lean toward using the redshirt on Burak this year and then having Brooks cut down to 184 lbs next season.

McIntosh by dec: PSU 13-16

HWT: #3 Bobby Telford (Jr. 6-0) vs #12 Jimmy Lawson (Jr. 10-0)
Telford is on a mission this year and I don't see him slowing down. Look for bonus point from Telford to give Iowa the victory.

Telford by maj dec: Iowa 17-16

IF everything goes as planned Cael Sanderson will remain winless inside Carver Hawkeye Arena!


Here is info from in regards to fans attending the dual.

PARKING INFO: Limited free parking is available in Lot 33 (North Dental Lot), Lot 43 (around Kinnick Stadium), and Lot 65 (formerly Finkbine Commuter). Parking is also available in the nearby Hospital Ramps and Newton Road Parking Ramp at an hourly rate ($1.20/hour), as well as Hancher Commuter lot (free of charge with a continuous shuttle service).

Fans are being asked to participate in this color coded seating chart. Make sure you double check your ticket stubs and double check the chart below. Let's pack this Arena Hawkeye fans!