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Six Days of Wrestlemas: The Iowa Way

Iowa's biggest dual meet of the season is coming up on Saturday night; get in the spirit by watching some excellent videos about Iowa wrestling.

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The Iowa Way

This week is one of the quietest times of the Iowa sports calendar (outside of summer, obviously); thanks to finals, there aren't any competitions involving Iowa athletes until next weekend.  The men's basketball team returns to action with a lay-up against Arkansas Pine-Bluff on Sunday afternoon and the women's basketball team is back in action on Saturday afternoon against Drake, but the main event this weekend certainly involves the wrestlers: the #3 ranked Iowa wrestling team is hosting the #1 ranked Penn State wrestling team in a massive clash scheduled to go down Saturday evening at Carver-Hawkeye Arena at 8 PM CST, with TV coverage from BTN.

The sporting gods have given us an early Christmas present in the form of that dual meet, so in celebration we'll be counting down to the dual meet with plenty of wrestling content to get us all ready to run through brick walls watch some great wrestling come Saturday night.  Tony and I are planning some fun content here at BHGP and I'm working on some cross-blog preview material with BSD's wrestling maestro, Ben.

To get us started, let's take a peek at these videos from The Iowa Way, an excellent video production about Iowa wrestling that's getting its theatrical debut at the Englert Theater on Friday, December 20th at 7 PM CST.  Tickets are available here.

The creators of "The Iowa Way" have posted several video clips that are well worth watching if you're at all interested in Iowa wrestling.


The Iowa Way Trailer from Drescher Photo + Design on Vimeo.


Matt McDonough - The IOWA Way from Drescher Photo + Design on Vimeo.


Tony Ramos - The IOWA Way from Drescher Photo + Design on Vimeo.


Derek St. John - The IOWA Way from Drescher Photo + Design on Vimeo.

Again, the full feature airs at the Englert Theater at 7 PM CST on Friday.  Tickets are $5.