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We Must Break You: Iowa vs. Iowa State Preview and Open Thread

#4 Iowa and #15 Iowa State set to battle Sunday at 2:00PM

Iowa is 3-0 since the introduction of the "Dan Gable Traveling Trophy" in 2010.
Iowa is 3-0 since the introduction of the "Dan Gable Traveling Trophy" in 2010.
(Photo by Chris Brewer.

The last time Iowa had a losing record in dual meets was 1966-67 where they went 7-8. The first video game that could be displayed on a standard TV was invented. Anyone remember Pong? Yep. Atari began in in 1966 and was released to the public in 1972.

The Hawkeyes own an all-time series record of 61-16-2 against Iowa State. Tom Brands has never lost to ISU, going 8-0 against the Cyclones as Iowa’s head coach. If you haven't seen the trophy in our header you are not alone. The Hawkeyes have been possession of the Dan Gable Traveling Trophy since 2010. You can read more about the trophy on

That's enough bragging -- let's preview the Iowa-ISU matchup coming up on Sunday.

WHO: #15 Iowa State Cyclones (5-0
WHEN: 2 PM CST; Sunday, December 1, 2013
WHERE: Hilton Coliseum (Ames, IA)
TV: (Mediacom-only; channel 798 (HD), 165 (SD), 59.2 (SD w/o cable box)
RADIO: AM-800 KXIC (free), Hawkeye All-Access ($$$)
TWITTER: @IowaWRLive, @Hawks_Wrestling, and (of course) @hagertony


#4 Iowa Hawkeyes (3-0)
125: #4 Cory Clark (7-0)
133: #1 Tony Ramos (6-0)
141: #14 Josh Dziewa (8-0)
149: Mike Kelly (8-0)
157: #1 Derek St. John (8-0)
165: #8 Nick Moore (2-0)
174: #6 Mike Evans (8-0)
184: #2 Ethen Lofthouse (7-0)
197: Kris Klapprodt (5-1) or Tomas Lira (5-1)
HWT: Terrance Jean-Jacques (8-2)

#15 Iowa State (5-0)
125: Earl Hall (7-0)
133: R.J Hallman (6-6)
141: Gabe Moreno (5-4)
149: Luke Goettl (4-3)
157: John Nicholson (6-1) or Logan Molina (6-2)
165: #6 Mike Moreno (9-0)
174: #8 Tanner Weatherman (7-2) or Lelund Weatherspoon (5-0)
184: #7 Boaz Beard (0-0)
197: #3 Kyven Gadson (7-1)
HWT: Ben Perna (1-4) or Quean Smith (2-4)

Predictions (OVER/UNDER 38)


TONY: Clark has not disappointed anyone this year, going 7-0 with six falls. Clark will face his toughest opponent in Earl Hall, but I see him dominating this match. Hall is good enough to not get pinned but I see Clark working a lot of his cheap tilts to major decision Hall. (Iowa 4-0)

ROSS: I was tempted to call for Clark via fall, but I think he'll manage to avoid that. Clark still wins easily. (Iowa 4-0)


TONY: Ramos also is off to a fast start, pinning all six of his opponents. This is one of the biggest mismatches of the night and Ramos will get a fall against Hallman. (Iowa 10-0)

ROSS: Tony versus a RS freshman with a .500 record? THERE WILL BE BLOOD. (Iowa 10-0)


TONY: Dziewa vs Gabe Moreno will be a great match. Dziewa will need to step up here to get the decision. If this was at a weekend tournament I would have no problem picking Dziewa but under the lights it seems Dziewa is a different wrestler. Moreno will keep it close, but I think Josh gets the decision. (Iowa 13-0)

ROSS: Dziewa has had a fine start to the season, but Moreno will probably be a tougher opponent than anyone he's faced this year. That said, I've been really impressed with the way he's been wrestling so far and Moreno is just 5-4, with a major decision loss to Dardanes. I'm a Dziewa believer, so give me a major here. (Iowa 14-0)


TONY: Kelly has a chip on his shoulder this year and I hope he surprises a lot of people. Which Kelly shows up this year will determine the result at 149. I look for Kelly to come out in front of the ISU crowd and step up with a decision win over Goettl. (Iowa 16-0)

ROSS: Iowa State has a pretty slim chance of pulling an upset in this dual, and any hope they likely depends on a win at this weight. Like Tony, I think Kelly is on a mission to prove his doubters wrong this year. Hopefully his offense shows up in this match. (Iowa 17-0)


TONY: DSJ does have a loss against Nicholson, but it came at the Iowa High School State Tournament semi-finals. Since then, these wrestlers have gone in much different directions. DSJ via major decision over Nicholson. (Iowa 20-0)

ROSS: This was a hot rivalry... in high school, five years ago. Since then, DSJ has become a three-time All-American with two appearances in the NCAA Tournament finals. That said, I rarely ever feel comfortable picking DSJ to get bonus points. (Iowa 20-0)


TONY: Moreno continues to get stronger on his feet and can ride nearly anyone in the nation. Moore has only two matches under his belt and this is not good timing for him to face one of his 'rivals'. ISU finally gets on the board with a Moreno decision over Moore. (Iowa 20-3)

ROSS: Moreno made a nice run in the NCAA Tournament last year to get onto the podium and he's kept up that momentum this year. Moreno is the kind of guy Moore probably needs to beat if he wants to be an All-American himself this March, but I don't think it happens here. (Iowa 20-3)


TONY: Mike 'no longer stache' Evans should have no issues with Weatherman or Weatherspoon. If the 'stache' is back expect a major. If the stache is still gone expect a decision. (Iowa 23-3)

ROSS: Evans will cruise to a win, but his mojo isn't going to be fully back until the 'stache makes its triumphant return. Still, I think Evans wins by 6-7 points at least. (Iowa 23-3)


TONY: Lofthouse is showing that he's a pinner this year, going 7-0 with five falls so far on the season. Lofthouse should have no issues with Beard in this matchup. This will be Beard's first match this year and in front of Hilton getting a win over a two-time All-American will be a tall order when your team is down by 20 points. Lofthouse gets the major decision. (Iowa 27-3)

ROSS: Ethen has looked very solid this season, while Beard is making his season debut. Lofthouse beat him 10-3 at this dual a year ago; I see a repeat performance on the horizon. (Iowa 26-3)


TONY: #3 Kyven Gadson is Iowa State's best wrestler and he will be one that performs on this stage. Since Burak won't be wrestling I see Gadson getting a major decision over Klapprodt. (Iowa 27-7)

ROSS: I wouldn't have favored Burak to get a win in this matchup, either, but I don't think his replacement (whether that's Klapprodt or Lira) has much of a chance. Gadsen is very good and has a great chance to be a national champion at 197 this year. If Klapprodt or Lira can avoid getting pinned, that might be a decent result here. (Iowa 26-7)


TONY: Jean-Jacques turned some heads in both directions during the Iowa City Duals. I for one really like seeing a blast double from HWT's. I like his motion and the timing on his offense. Both of ISU's HWT's are pretty bad, so look for TJJ to get the major decision against either guy. (Iowa 31-7)

ROSS: ISU's listed options here are 1-4 and 2-4. Woof. If Bobert was wrestling here, I'd say a pin would be very likely. As it is, we'll have to make do with TJJ manhandling one of them. I'm always leery of picking heavyweights to get bonus points, but TJJ has a really good shot here. Still, I'll stick with him via comfortable decision. (Iowa 29-7)

So.....BHGP Over/Under for this dual is set at 38. (That's total points scored in the dual between both teams.) For those of you that didn't get in on the contest last week we are holding a season long contest on over/under records. The user with the most W's at the end of the year will win a custom BHGP singlet. In result of a tie we will host a round robin tournament. (Push is a loss)

The results of last year's dual are below and as you can see the Hawkeyes were dominant. Not only does scored stand out but the Hawkeyes scored 33 takedowns to Iowa State’s three!


174: #7 Mike Evans (IA) major dec. Tanner Weatherman (ISU), 10-1; 4-0
184: #8 Ethen Lohouse (IA) dec. #16 Boaz Beard (ISU), 10-3; 7-0
197: #15 Kyven Gadson (ISU) dec. Nathan Burak (IA), 5-4; 7-3
285: #5 Bobby Telford (IA) dec. #15 Matt Gibson (ISU), 3-2; 10-3
125: #1 Ma McDonough (IA) major dec. #19 Ryak Finch (ISU), 13-2; 14-3
133: #3 Tony Ramos (IA) major dec. John Meeks (ISU), 19-7; 18-3
141: #13 Mark Ballweg (IA) dec. #18 Luke Goettl (ISU), 4-1; 21-3
149: Michael Kelly (IA) major dec. Luke Swalla (ISU), 16-6; 25-3
157: #1 Derek St. John (IA) major dec. Logan Molina (ISU), 16-5; 29-3
165: Nick Moore (IA) dec. Mike Moreno (ISU), 3-2; 32-3

Who you got???

(P.S. How Kevin Jackson stacks up to recent coaches at ISU: Jim Gibbons 98-24, Bobby Douglas 198-64, Cael Sanderson 44-10, Kevin Jackson 37-31)