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Iowa City Duals Preview and Open Thread

Iowa City Duals are set to begin Friday at 10 a.m. CST

The Iowa Hawkeye wrestling team will host the Iowa City Duals on Friday against Baker, Iowa Central and Cornell College. This is the sixth year of the Iowa City Duals and the Hawkeyes are a perfect 16-0 in its history. Based off these lineups I look for the Hawkeyes to continue their clean sweep at these Duals, improving to 19-0. Baker does have six ranked wrestlers but that is at the NAIA level.

Expect to see a lot of this again:

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Nothing against these teams, but I really wish we could get UNI back on the schedule for these Duals. Iowa State would also be a good option if the University is looking for more ticket sales. What are you thoughts on a tri-dual with ISU and UNI each year? Heck, throw in Grand View over any of these schools on Friday and fans would be more excited. Scheduling would be the biggest hurdle with basketball and football going on at this time, but it would be great for the fans.

Hawkeyes talk about the Luther Open and getting ready for the Iowa City Duals.

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This year BHGP will attempt to set over/under odds for each dual. Post your picks in the comment section below and at the end of the season whoever has the best record will get a custom BHGP wrestling singlet. Pictures to come...

Iowa City Duals Schedule

10 A.M.

IOWA vs. Baker (Over/Under 39)

Cornell vs. Iowa Central

12 P.M.

IOWA vs. Iowa Central (Over/Under 45)

Baker vs. Cornell

2 P.M.

IOWA vs. Cornell (Over/Under 49)

Iowa Central vs. Baker

Probable Lineups:


125: #4 Cory Clark *Fr. 4-0

133: #1 Tony Ramos Sr. 3-0

141: #14 Josh Dziewa Jr. 5-0

149: UR Michael Kelly Jr. 5-0

157: #1 Derek St. John Sr. 5-0

165: #9 Nick Moore Jr 0-0

174: #6 Mike Evans Jr. 5-0

184: #2 Ethen Lofthouse Sr. 4-0 or Jeremy Fahler Jr. 4-1

197: #11 Nathan Burak So. 0-0

285: #4 Bobby Telford Jr. 5-0 or Terrance Jean-Jacques *Fr 5-2


125: Ben Rosen Sr. 0-2 or Jordan Ng Sr. 2-3

133: Phillip Opelt Fr. 2-2 or Nathan Shank Fr. 3-2

141: Samuel Chalkley So. 2-2

149: #10 Trevor Engle So. 3-3

157: Daniel Klema So. 0-0 or Jake Allen Fr. 2-2

165: Brian Cristion Fr. 0-0

174: Brent Hamm Jr. 1-2

184: Kevin Stahmer So. 1-2 or Aburough Abegesah So. 1-2

197: #1 Alex Coolildge Sr. 3-2

285: Carl Gaul Sr. 3-2 or Erin Tucker So. 2-3


125: #10 Alan Callahan Sr.

133: #10 Bryce Shoemaker Fr.

141: Nathan Garcia So. or Drew Harbinson Sr.

149: Bryce Hood Jr. or Dylan Coppenbarger Jr.

157: #7 Aaron Seybold Fr or Nick Haugen Jr. or Connor Middleton

165: #9 Jakob Price Sr.

174: #4 Parker Owen Sr. or Bryant Guillen Fr.

184: John Hambleton Sr.

197: Robert Shadrach Jr. or Michael Faison Sr.

285: #15 Beau Bennett Jr


125: Nate Smith Fr. or Nate Lentsch Fr.

133: Mario Haynes Fr.

141: Richie Lewis Fr. or Ramond King Fr.

149: Teddie Harvey Fr.

157: Ryan Niven Fr..

165: Corbin Farrell Fr..

174: Zach Holthaus *Fr. or Chris Whilden Fr.

184: Michael Licht Fr. or Chance Coooper So.

197: Bryce Fisher Fr. or Gunnar Clark Fr.

285: Malcolm Allen So.

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3) The Iowa City Duals will be broadcasted on AM-800 KXIC