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Iowa Wrestling: Luther Open Preview and Open Thread

Iowa Wrestlers open the 2013-14 season at the Luther Open.


The University of Iowa wrestling team gets the 2013-14 season underway today at the Luther Open in Decorah, IA.

Nearly the entire Hawkeye roster will compete in the "Elite" and "Freshman-Only" divisions but we expect there to be a quite few freshman from Iowa in the "Elite" division.

This tournament features some of the top ranked teams from the Division II, Division III and NJCAA colleges in the state of Iowa. 

#7 Upper Iowa 
#11 Mankato

#1 Wartburg College  
#4 Luther College 
#16 Loras College 
#20 Cornell College 
#25 University of Dubuque

#20 Iowa Lakes 

Here are the notable wrestlers from these colleges competing against the Hawkeyes

125 lbs
#9 Juan Torres- Iowa Lakes

133 lbs

#4 Evan Obert- Luther 
#5 Freddie Rodriquez- Iowa Lakes
#7 Vencente- William & Penn 

141 lbs
#3 Brian Travis- Dubuque 
#5 Alphonso Vruno- Mankato 

149 lbs
#8 Joe Wood- Loras
#9 Branden Welter- Wartburg 
#10 Trevor Engle- Cornell 
Edwin Cooper- Upper Iowa (Former Iowa Wrestler)

157 lbs
#5 Drew Waggonhoffer- Wartburg 
#12 Tyler Ellwood, Iowa Lakes

165 lbs
#2 Cody Quinn- Mankato State 
#3 Cole Welter- Wartburg 
#6 Garret Bonte- Luther 
#10 Joe Kubica- Dubuque

174 lbs
#3 Landon Williams- Wartburg

184 lbs
#6 Jayden DeVilbiss- Luther 
#7 Sam Upah- Wartburg 
#10 Cameron Foucher- Iowa Lakes

197 lbs
#1 Alex Coolidge- Cornell 
#2 Carl Broghammer- Upper Iowa 
#5 Puna Soriano- Wartburg 
#7 Nick Perch- Luther 
#9 Dakoda Simula- Iowa Lakes

#2 James Buss- Loras 
#4 Ryan Fank- Wartburg 
#6 Connor Herman- Luther

Who will be competing for Iowa? Iowa lists 34 wrestlers competing today and the roster lists 38 wrestlers. I will post brackets once the seeding meeting is done but for now here is a list of wrestlers who MAY be competing.

125 lbs
Matt Gurule-Junior
Cory Clark- RS Freshmen
Thomas Gilman- RS Freshmen
Phillip Laux- RS Freshmen
Chance Shelton- Freshmen

133 lbs
Tony Ramos- Senior
Nick Trizzino- Senior
Jake Kadal- Sophomore
Topher Carton- RS Freshmen

141 lbs
Josh Dwieza- Junior
Ethan Owens- Junior
Jake Kadal- Sophomore
Connor Ryan- RS Freshmen
Jake Marlin- Freshmen

149 lbs
Micheal Kelly- Junior
Brody Grothus- Sophomore
Brandon Sorensen- Freshmen

157 lbs
Derek St. John- Senior
Micheal Kelly- Junior
Patrick Rhoads- Sophomore

165 lbs
Joe Ducharme- Senior
Nick Moore- Junior
Walt Gilmor- Junior
Patrick Rhoads- Sophomore
Trever Graves- Freshmen
Logan Thomsen- Freshmen

174 lbs
Mike Evans- Junior
Kris Klapprodt- Sophomore
Logan McQuillen- Freshmen

184 lbs
Ethan Lofthouse- Senior
Jeremy Fahler- Junior
Josh Haug- Junior
Kris Klappordt- Sophomore
Sam Brooks- RS Freshmen
Alex Meyer- RS Freshmen

197 lbs
Thomas Lira- Senior
Nathan Burak- Sophomore
Broc Berge- Freshmen

Bobby Telford- Junior
Terrance Jean Jacques- RS Freshmen
Artie Bess- RS Freshmen
Lenzell Green- RS Freshmen

I'm not going to go into great detail on each weight class for this tournament; we should see a lot of Iowa wrestlers in the finals competing against one another. Brands and Co. have decided not to have official, open-to-the-public wrestle-offs, so this tournament will play an important role in determining some spots on the starting roster (see: 125, 149). Ultimately, Brands and Co. make the decisions here and I have a feeling they already know who they want at each weight regardless of what happens today.

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The action begins at 9 AM CST.