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Here's how the Hawkeyes' current 85 breaks down.

Byron Hetzler-USA TODAY Sports

At the request of every Iowa fan's subconscious mind, here is Iowa football's full 2014 scholarship chart.

2014 Iowa Hawkeyes Scholarship Chart
2014 Seniors
2015 Seniors
2016 Seniors
2017 Seniors
2018 Seniors
2019 Seniors
QB (3)
Jake Rudock (3*) C.J. Beathard (3*) Tyler Wiegers (3*) Jack Beneventi (3*)

Ryan Boyle (3*)
RB (7)
Mark Weisman (NR)

Damon Bullock (2*)
Jordan Canzeri (2*) LeShun Daniels (3*) Jonathan Parker (2*)

Akrum Wadley (2*)
C.J. Hilliard (3*) Markel Smith (3*)
FB (3)
Adam Cox (NR)

Macon Plewa (NR)
Aaron Mends (3*)
WR (6)
Damond Powell (3*) Tevaun Smith (3*)

Jacob Hillyer (3*)
Derrick Willies (3*)

Derrick MItchell (3*)
Jay Scheel (4*) Adrian Falconer (3*)

Emmanuel Ogwo (2*)
SL (3)
Kevonte Martin-Manley(2*) Matt VandeBerg (2*) Andre Harris (3*)
TE (5)
Ray Hamilton (4*) Jake Duzey (3*)

Henry Krieger Coble (3*)
George Kittle (3*) Jon Wisnieski (3*) Drew Cook (3*)

Nate Vejvoda (3*)
OT (6)
Brandon Scherff (3*)

Andrew Donnall (4*)
Ryan Ward (3*)

Reid Sealby (2*)
Ike Boettger (3*) Lucas LeGrand (3*) Levi Paulsen (3*)

Brett Waechter (3*)
OG (7)
Jordan Walsh (4*) Mitch Keppy (3*) Sean Welsh (3*)

Boone Myers (NR)

Colin Goebel (3*)
Keegan Render (3*)

Ross Reynolds (2*)
Landan Paulsen (3*)

Jacob Newborg (3*)
OC (2)
Austin Blythe (4*)

Eric Simmons (3*)
James Daniels (3*)
DT (9)
Carl Davis (3*)

Louis Trinca-Pasat (3*)
Darian Cooper (4*)

Dean Tsopanides (3*)
Jaleel Johnson (4*)

Faith Ekakitie (4*)
Brant Gressel (3*)

Nathan Bazata (3*)
Terrence Harris (2*)
DE (8)
Mike Hardy (3*) Drew Ott (3*)

Riley McMinn (3*)

Bud Spears (3*)

Nate Meier (2*)
Daumantas Venckus-Cucchiara (2*) Matt Nelson (3*)

Torey Hendrick (3*)
Jameer Outsey (3*) Brady Reiff (3*)
OLB (4)
Travis Perry (2*) Bo Bower (2*)

Ben Niemann (3*)
Parker Hesse (3*)

Justin Jinning (3*)
MLB (2)
Quinton Alston (3*) John Kenny (3*)
WLB (3)
Cole Fisher (3*) Reggie Spearman (3*) Josey Jewell (2*)
CB (9)
Sean Draper (3*) Desmond King (3*)

Greg Mabin (3*)

Maurice Fleming (3*)
Malik Rucker (3*) Omar Truitt (3*)

Jalen Embry (3*)

Marcel Joly (3*)

Josh Jackson (3*)
SS (2)
John Lowdermilk (2*) Miles Taylor (3*) Jack Hockaday (3*)
FS (3)
Jordan Lomax (3*) Anthony Gair (3*) Solomon Warfield (3*)
K (1)
Mick Ellis (3*)
P (2)
Dillion Kidd (3*)

Connor Kornbrath (2*)
LS (0)

Key 1st Team

2nd Team

Possible Loss

On campus

Not on campus
Transfer In
85 of 85 Available Scholarships (-1) (2014)
22 (2015)
37 (2016)

All thanks to our friends at Good Bull Hunting, particularly @cuppycup, for the HTML help.

A few notes:

  • Sorting out who is here and who has left from prior recruiting classes is the easy part.  It's figuring out where Iowa has offered scholarships to former walk-ons that becomes difficult, mostly because the announcement rarely makes news.  We know Mark Weisman has a scholarship.  Kirk Ferentz has said that someone is getting a scholarship at long snapper, and Tyler Kluver is his starter.  All indications are that Bo Bower has now received a scholarship.  Other than that?  We have no idea.
  • The same goes for redshirting freshmen.  We've gotten enough indication that Matt Nelson will not redshirt that we've moved him, and Miles Taylor could play quite a bit this season.  We fully expect that other players -- particularly at cornerback and wide receiver -- will play this year as needed.  Others, especially on the offensive and defensive lines, only shirk a redshirt if a need arises.  We will continue to adjust as information becomes available.
  • Defensive linemen Dean Tsopanides and Daumantas Venckus-Cucchiara were not in camp this August and have to be considered possible scholarship losses.  Tsopanides got in some trouble over the offseason, and neither has even sniffed the depth chart.  It's not like Iowa to simply pull a scholarship for a player who isn't performing, but the staff has frequently used off-field issues to pull a scholarship regardless of the player's importance.
  • We're taking our best guess at guys like Drew Cook and Ryan Boyle who might not be ultimately destined for the positions they look ready to try.

Technically, Iowa has recruited more players for 2015 than the number of available scholarships, and it's not done.  Ferentz has always said they expect a certain level of attrition and build that into the model, and could terminate some non-factors entering their redshirt senior seasons without running afoul of oversigning limits.  It's been a long, long time since Iowa's been able to say that the stable is full, though.  The Hawkeyes might not be landing a never-ending string of blue-chip recruits, but staff emphasis on getting players who will stay with the program has finally given Iowa a full boat.