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The NCAA Tournament All-Name Bracket: East Region, Part 1


Douglas C. Pizac-US PRESSWIRE

The all-name bracket is back! We'll handle the top halves of the South and East Regions today (with voting open through Saturday) and the bottom halves of those two regions starting tomorrow (with voting open through Sunday). On Championship Monday, the final eight names will go up and we will crown a champion.

Most of these guys have stopped playing, but none of them have stopped naming. There's Yogi Ferrell for those who like Bubu Pelo. There's Joe Morgan's favorite name, NC State's Staats Battle. Long Island University sent us Booker Hucks, which sounds like a Harper Lee character. Daniel Dingle is strong. Rakeem Christmas is fantastic. And Cal has a player named BAK BAK (Chris Berman Home Run Derby jokes can go in the comment thread). People, this region is stacked.

So who among this stellar group of monikers has the best name in the first half of the East region?