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The NCAA Tournament All-Name Bracket: South Region, Part 1

The real tournament returns!

Caris LeVert, showing off le vert.
Caris LeVert, showing off le vert.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The all-name bracket is back! We'll handle the top halves of the South and East Regions today (with voting open through Saturday) and the bottom halves of those two regions starting tomorrow (with voting open through Sunday). On Championship Monday, the final eight names will go up and we will crown a champion.

We have a loaded field in the South Region. There's the sharpness of Western Kentucky's Percy Blade, the lyrical rhythm of Villanova's Mouphtaou Yarou, the near-miss NBA celebrity of South Dakota State's Tayvaunn Prince, and the pure oddity of VCU's Mo-Alie Cox. This bracket has the highs Caris LeVert and lows of Naadir Tharpe. But who actually wins this part of the South?