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The NCAA Tournament Name Bracket: Midwest Region, Part 1

The BHGP/SOP NCAA Name Bracket starts!

Michael Hickey

For those who don't listen to the podcast, here's the deal: We sat down with SB Nation's resident name expert, Rodger Sherman of Sippin' on Purple, to pick the best name on the roster of each team. We covered the first half of the bracket in yesterday's podcast, and will be unveiling the second half of the bracket next week. We're doing the first three rounds all at once to narrow the bracket to 8 names, then playing them off during Final Four week.

First up: The first half of the Midwest regional. There's the Chris Kattan-inspired Mangok Mathiang, Liberty's Bill Cosby-endorsed Tomasz Gielo, Colorado State's [joke redacted] Joe De Ciman, and the phenomenally monikered Grandy Glaze of St. Louis. And that's only half the field.

So who has the best name in the first half of the Midwest Regional? You have until noon on Sunday, April 25 to cast your ballot.