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Iowa Hawkeyes Player Previews: Aaron White

We're waiting to see what Dunk L'Orange has in store for his junior season.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron White

Bio: Junior, 6'9", 220 (Strongsville, OH)
2012-13 stats: 29.2 minutes per game, 12.8 points per game, 6.2 rebounds per game, 1.1 steals per game

What we saw last season

Aaron White took the step from contributor to force in 2012-13, wreaking havoc on the interior on both sides of the court and drawing fouls and free throws at an elite rate. He was fifth in the nation (like, out of roughly 4,000 players) in FTA/FGA ratio and drew an unfair 6.5 fouls per 40 minutes. White's level of energy didn't falter as his minutes increased, though, and he firmly established himself as one of the two best players on the very good team. And hey, he was incredibly fun to watch as he flew around the court and hustled hard every second of the way.

What we need to see this season

On one hand, you'd like to see some more polish out of his game so he can be a go-to scorer on the interior, rather than someone who just ("just") works the glass and defends inside and out at an elite level. As it stands right now he depends on his teammates to create for him, rather than vice versa. That's completely fine for a productive sophomore, but if he's got room to grow it's there.

Best-case scenario

All-Big Ten, first team. White's ability to get to the line is only heightened in the new, whistle-happy college basketball world, his rebounding gets even more elite and he hones in on what he does best on offense and just mashes that button over and over until you look up and he's got like 18 and 8 every damn night as he leads Iowa to a Sweet 16 spot.

Most likely scenario

In a crowded 3/4 rotation, White's court time and numbers dip slightly, though he looks like a better, more complete player in the process. He harasses opponents into low numbers on jumpers, fouls out a guy per night and keeps the Carver-Hawkeye Arena crowd hype in the process. 11-14 points a game, all-Big Ten, third team.

One request

Keep making Chris Street proud. White can defend virtually anyone on the court (and does so with aplomb), he's 6'9" and can lead (or defend the point on) a fast break, he works the glass... hell, he even makes 75% of his free throws. All without ever running his mouth or otherwise acting in anything less than an exemplary way. What more could you ask?