Iowa Football Recruiting: Hawkeyes Land 4-Star 2021 OL Connor Colby

The Hawkeyes kicked off their big 2020 recruiting weekend with a huge commitment in the class of 2021.
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The Iowa Hawkeyes are hosting more than 20 official visitors this weekend in the class of 2020. It’s one of the biggest recruiting weekends in program history.

With all the recruits in town, there’s plenty of anticipation building to see how many the staff can turn into commits. But before things really had a chance to ramp up for the weekend, the Iowa staff got some excellent news for the class of 2021.

That’s quite the way to kick off a big recruiting weekend.

Connor Colby is a major prospect in the class of 2020. He’s a local product hailing from Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, but his recruitment has blown up of late. Rated as a 4-star prospect by the major services, Colby has earned offers from the likes of Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa State and Missouri.

What did all those schools see in Colby? A massive frame at 6’6” and already 275 pounds as only a sophomore and loads of talent. He projects as a tackle at the collegiate level, but has played both inside and out, as well as on defense.

In pass protection, Colby has great feet and a long reach. He’s excellent at keeping his man in front of him. In the run game, he’s an absolute mauler. He has the athleticism to pull across the formation and the power to bulldoze anyone in front of him. The Hawkeyes have landed another in a long line of successful offensive linemen.

Colby is the second commit for Iowa in the class of 2021. He joins fellow offensive lineman Gennings Dunker from Illinois. The pair are an impressive start to the class and are sure to help attract talent at the skill positions.

Welcome aboard Connor Colby!

Connor Colby, OL

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA (Kennedy)
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 275
Stars: 247 Sports - 4 Rivals - 4


Dividends. They seem to finally be paying off

This is some excellent news on a Friday night

2021 Starting huge....

Too bad we’ll have to wait a few years to see Connor obliterate D linemen.

I know I write for you guys, but

Where the hell is the like button for individual articles? We should have one, because I really like this signing.

What a great freaking pickup for us.

He looks like he's being sentenced to Saturday detention.

That means he has mean streak!

An excellent trait in an OL "mauler."

That guy was no athlete.

That kid is 6'6" and 275?

My goodness. He still looks tiny, like he’s still growing and could put on 40-50 lbs easy.

That’s what I was thinking. Must have some tree trunk legs.

Great signing for the Hawks!

Of course since he’s an Iowa commit there’s a good chance he’s going to be downgraded to a 3 star before it’s all said and done. Seems like that’s how the recruiting ratings work – based as much on the schools recruiting and signing them as much as talent.

Read the list of schools already recruiting him.

As a sophomore no less

this joke is overused

Not to mention being woefully unsupported by facts

Eh, he's probably just a lawyer.

Everyone knows lawyers worry more about feelings than facts when making an argument...

In reality, it’s just another variation of the woe-is-me, "We’re just little ’ol Iowa" mindset that some people that some fans still possess.

Actually, those horrible, horrible lawyers live by this credo

If you have the law on your side, hammer the law. If you have the facts on your side, hammer the facts. If you have neither the law nor the facts, hammer the table.

But how short are his arms?

And can he long snap?

already well proportioned....

That means you can put a lot more weight on him, and he won’t slow down.


he looks a little bit like Ryan Kriener

hope he is just as nasty!

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