Iowa Football Recruiting: Hawkeyes Land 2021 Illinois OL Gennings Dunker

Kirk Ferentz has his first commit in the class of 2021.
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With most high schools around the country finished or finishing up, the summer camp circuit is in full swing. For the Iowa Hawkeyes, that meant hosting their own camp in Iowa City today with a slew of prospects in the class of 2020 and beyond. A number of those prospects came to town with offers on hand and even more left with them.

That included Lena, Illinois native Gennings Dunker, an offensive lineman from the same high school as 2020 defensive line commit Isaiah Bruce. Dunker had been to Iowa City before. This time he impressed enough to leave with an offer.

He wasted no time jumping on board as Iowa’s first commitment in the class of 2021.

Dunker is a relative unknown at this point. He’s only going into his junior season at Lena Winslow. He’s got a good frame for his age at 6’4” and 240 pounds. He’ll obviously need to fill out, but that’s not uncommon given his age.

While neither Rivals nor 247 Sports had a profile on Dunker before tonight (EDIT - both have now posted a profile and it looks like he’ll end up a 3-star prospect), a look at his film shows a few of the staples we’ve come to know and love about Iowa offensive linemen. He’s got good feet, often used to pull across the formation. He also has a good looking nasty streak. You can see him finishing through blocks on a consistent basis.

It’s obviously early in the process and Iowa was the first to offer. It’s likely if Dunker progresses the way the Iowa staff obviously sees him, it’s likely he’ll have several more in the coming months and years so this will be one to keep an eye on. With the camp season kicking off, it’s likely we’ll see a number of additional offers and we may have seen the first of a few commits for the Hawkeyes in the class of 2021.

Welcome aboard Gennings Dunker!

Gennings Dunker, OG

Hometown: Lena, IL (Lena Winslow)
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 240
Stars: 247 Sports - 3 Rivals - NR


Oh man!

This kids highlight video is scary. Makes me feel the way I did when my mom took me to see Jaws when I was 12 years old. (Yes, I know I’m old.)

I am glad that none of those kids he pancaked were killed in the making of that video.

Definitely looks like a mauler

The competition isn’t great (Illinois class 1A) but he certainly has the attitude you want. Also sounds like he measured in at 6’5" yesterday and has added ~20 pounds onto the frame previously reported. He’s got the tools in the toolbox for sure.


He’s got the tools in the toolbox….

I think this should be Iowa’s recruiting mantra.

Yeah, I was excited (competition withstanding) about his pounding of defensive players, no matter what position.

How I know I'm getting older and dumber: I read "Land of Lincoln" as Nebraska and got confused.

I got a full night’s sleep so there’s probably just no hope for me.

holding out hope

he will be the reverse Ahmad Wagner and end up with Fran…

He would be the most appropriately named athlete at Iowa since at least Angerer and maybe House (late 90’s kid from City high who was a lineman)

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