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Jarrod Uthoff got screwed by someone making a list. Pretty sure we've heard this one before.

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Depth Charting Is Creepy

Marc Morehouse writes that Iowa could well use a freshman halfback in 2016, despite returning three experienced ballcarriers.

Does Iowa 2016 have a running back who can dictate to a defense? Maybe. Right now going into spring, on paper, no, it doesn't. But we have to see how it all will fit together in the fall. Maybe that running back can emerge.

Maybe that running back can be one of the two incoming freshmen? Probably not....

The door is open, though. The door always seems open for something at Iowa running back.

Iowa has two halfbacks in the 2016 class, Toks Akinribade and Toren Young, with incoming linebacker Barrington Wade as an at-best remote possibility.  But I've got to disagree with Morehouse's first premise, that Iowa doesn't have a running back who can dictate to a defense.  Akrum Wadley showed himself to be that back repeatedly last season, but was limited by strength & conditioning issues and duplication of Jordan Canzeri's skill set.  At his best, Wadley is THAT running back, and his best happens far more frequently than most.

Could Iowa use a freshman at halfback this season?  Sure.  There's always AIRBHG lurking, and halfback is a position where Ferentz hasn't been afraid to use a young player in the past.  But this isn't 2009, barring offseason injuries, and the hill to climb for a freshman in this backfield is high.

Elsewhere, former recruiting coordinator Seth Wallace confirmed that, even at the highest levels, caring is creepy:

"We loved him for a long time."

I can see the initial meeting between Akinribade and Jim Reid now.



When the season began, CBS Sports published a list of the 101 best players in college basketball that didn't include Jarrod Uthoff.  Iowa fans responded with something between bemusement and rage, but it was a preseason list, and CBS corrected the error in later editions.

This, on the other hand, makes no sense at all: Jarrod Uthoff was left off the list of finalists for the top power forward in the nation, as named by the Basketball Hall of Fame and ESPN:

I try to give he benefit of the doubt to items like this, to find an explanation for what would otherwise be inexplicable.  There is no benefit to be given here.  This is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.  Jarrod Uthoff is second on the Kenpom list of players of the year and is on the three-man hypothetical short list for Big Ten Player of the Year.  His team is in the top 5 and has the pole position for a regular season title in one of the nation's biggest conferences.  There is no way that he could be ignored by people knowledgeable enough to identify Pascal Siakam and Jameel Warney.  Uthoff has outplayed two players on that list just this season.  And he's rarely, if ever, strayed from the power forward position (and isn't on the other positional short lists).  This is completely without explanation beyond the obvious: It's idiotic.

Other Stuff

Iowa's football recruiters are chasing that most magnificent of Iowa football fan unicorns again: The dual-threat quarterback.

Black Shoe Diaries projects Big Ten wrestling seeds.  As expected, Iowa and Penn State are all over the top of the brackets.

The stupid Iowa Senate bill demanding an apology from the Stanford band for dressing up like a cow was almost immediately derailed.  It was so stupid that the Senate Majority Leader questioned whether the reporter asking about it was serious and called it "absurd."  The killer quote: "I think it would probably be good if senators from southern Iowa had a sense of humor. We probably need a few more of those."  So mission accomplished!

Fran McCaffery made ESPN's list of the best in-game coaching faces.

North Shore residents are wildly unhappy about Northwestern's new baseball scoreboard, mostly because a migratory bird might fly into it while it projects a Coca-Cola ad.  When people ask why I don't move to Chicago, this is the answer.

UNC coach Roy Williams loses his mind over ESPN's Greenroom promotions, and as much as it pains me to say it, Roy Williams is right.  When your sport has been reduced to an NBA combine by its top broadcast partner -- to the point that a thoroughly mediocre LSU team is on national television twice a week just so ESPN can gush over Ben Simmons -- the reach of the sport is unnecessarily limited to pro basketball fans.

The moment we write anything like this, we're closing up shop:

Let's do this: NCAA President Donald Trump.  Make amateurism great again.

Speaking of which, Make Rutgers basketball great again.

Vulture's 100 Jokes that Shaped Modern Comedy includes the Gilbert Gottfried rendition of "The Aristocrats" and the Foreigner Belt from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  So yeah, the list is comprehensive.