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Iowa has some injuries. And some votes. And a volleyball team.

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Injury Time. As Iowa turns the page to Saturday's night game against Pitt, Kirk Ferentz sat down with someone off-camera from the athletic department to field some softballs.  However, there was one piece of news: Both defensive end Drew Ott and running back LeShun Daniels are looking questionable-at-best for next week.

"Disappointed to see both Drew and LeShun get injured during the game, and they couldn't return.  They just weren't full strength.  And both of them have fairly significant injuries.  I won't rule them out for this week yet, we'll see how it goes.  We're hopeful they can both get back, but we can't count on that."

It's been rumored that Ott suffered a dislocated left elbow when he was flattened by Jake Campos and Nathan Bazata in the first half of Saturday's game.

No real word on Daniels. And while Ferentz's statement is hardly definitive, it's not like him to rule a questionable -- even doubtful -- player anywhere close to out until late in the week.  I'd expect at least one more week without Ott and Daniels until we hear anything to the contrary.

We're Number 33! Iowa hasn't been ranked in the AP Top 25 poll since 2010, the longest streak of unranked weeks by any one Iowa coach since Ray Nagel in 1970.  And while Saturday's win in Ames didn't end that streak, it did bring Iowa just a bit closer.

I have to call bullshit here: Toledo beat Arkansas by 4 points.  Toledo is favored by 6.5 over Iowa State.  Iowa beat Iowa State by 14.  That means Iowa is at least 3.5 points better than Arkansas, which got one more vote than the Hawkeyes despite the loss.

In other rankings news, Tom Dienhart says Iowa is "as hot as any team" and will be a factor in the West. And then he ranks them behind Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Minnesota, who have all lost.  Football Outsiders is a bit better to Iowa, ranking the Hawkeyes 53rd.  "It's Week 2" says Bill Connelly.  Translation: Don't even look at it.

Serve and Volley. Iowa volleyball has been fairly horrible since, like, the Korean conflict. I've been a student or alumni of Iowa for the last 16 years and don't remember the volleyball team winning anything of significance.  But that all seems to be changing, as new coach Bond Shymansky has the VolleyHawks kicking ass and taking names. They beat Iowa State this week:

Then they followed it with a win over No. 25 Texas A&M


That kind of makes it less fun.

But, hey, at least volleyball might not be terrible anymore.  It goes back to a point we've been making for almost a year now: Iowa's pseudo-renaissance in non-revenue sports, from baseball to volleyball to track & field, should put Gary Barta on solid footing if he could only cross the street without getting sued for discrimination or sending season ticket holders a push poll about graduation rates.


One night after being videobombed into oblivion, WHO's Keith Murphy reprised his role as unknowing TV reporter:

Christian Kirksey's mom: Still watching the Hawkeyes. Still tweeting LeVar Woods.

Hawkeye Nation's Mitch Smith catches up with former Iowa fullback Jeremy Allen, who is still totally jacked.  Allen played on the last Hayden Fry team, and was a crucial part of Kirk Ferentz's first bowl team.

Bruce Feldman, who wrote one of the great college football books of this century, also wrote a book about Trent Dilfer this year.  And this is why it still sits half-finished on my Kindle.

And we'll leave you with this, one of the best pictures from a weekend worth of great pictures: