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We don't know much about the uniforms, but at least our music game has improved.

Iowa rolled out its much-anticipated blackout uniforms for November's Minnesota game on Friday morning.  Or, at least, they kind of did, with some kick-ass music.

You heard that right: That's Iowa football setting an official video to Rick Ross's "100 Black Coffins."  Three years ago, we'd be setting that video to Ram Jam's "Black Betty."  The video guys continue to dominate this program.

Also, what little we can see of the uniforms looks excellent.  It's fairly clear that the Hawkeyes will go with black jerseys and black pants against Minnesota -- a reasonable assumption for a blackout game -- but we don't have details on the helmet or the uniforms themselves.  Enterprising BHGP reader Dan Welter did some video work to get a slightly better idea of what we might see:

That included the uniform.  It did not, however, include the helmet.

We weren't expecting anything too crazy from Iowa; this is still Kirk Ferentz's program, after all.  But if we get something as simple and badass as this, perhaps with a blacked-out helmet to match, we can safely say it's the best alternate uniform they have done, and something they should add to the semi-regular wardrobe.