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We're up all night to get fluffy.

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Iowa Football is for the Children. It's the annual Kids Day at Kinnick Stadium Saturday.  Festivities start at 9 a.m. in the plaza south of the stadium, and Kinnick doors open at 11 a.m. with open practice set for noon.  PSD will be by later in the day with your guide for the scrimmage, but there is one thing you won't see: Alcohol.  There's no beer allowed in the parking lots Saturday.  There's a clothing and toy drive for our friends at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital.  Donate if you can.

Not Taking Any More Fluff. With demand for football news high and access limited, there's a news vacuum that get filled with profile pieces every August.  Yesterday was tight end George Kittle's day to shine in the Des Moines Register, a post that includes this tidbit:

Look for Kittle to line up in the slot, like a receiver does, to create mismatches in the passing game.

"That's something we've installed more, is to give the tight ends a little more flexibility," Kittle said. "I just like being on the field, that's my biggest thing. I don't care where I'm at, as long as I can help the team."

The last time Iowa got serious about lining up its tight ends on the outside was the infamous 2013 "Davis Comes Alive" game against Ohio State.  With a lack of experienced receivers, it makes sense, though nonsense never got in the way of this offense.

Elsewhere, the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier profiles local boy Jay Scheel.

Local Neckbeard Calls Out Gary Barta. This

Let's count the mistakes here:

1. Putting generic Iowa State fan on the grill. That guy is one ugly shirt and a Fred Hoiberg fetish away from being the mayor of Ames.

2. Putting sauerkraut and jalapenos on a hot dog. You're not a bratwurst.  Stop it.

3. Pretending that any Iowa fan who wears a jersey to a game has Gary Barta's phone number. Gary Barta has a 1-900 phone number that charges $100 per minute, and people who eat hot dogs can't afford to be calling him.

4. Thinking that "telling Gary Barta something" is going to lead to change. Exhibit A: Kirk Ferentz, still employed.

As for the hot dogs themselves, PSD said it best:


Drew Ott was named to the 247 Sports Preseason Top 247 players in college football, coming in at No. 211.  As they note, it's a significant step forward from his modest recruiting background, and that's by 247's generous "every Power 5 commit is a three-star recruit" standard.

Following a longstanding tradition of Iowa defensive linemen outplaying their draft stocks, Carl Davis is an expected contributor with the Baltimore Ravens this year.  "I don't think he is going to; he has to. We're expecting him to," said Ravens defensive coordinator and objectionable sentence Dean Pees.

Big Ten baseball just keeps getting better:

And Wisconsin basketball coach Bo Ryan might not be retiring after all, because Bo Ryan is a horrible, horrible person.