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This is officially the best Signing Day ever.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Soon-to-be-graduated Iowa football players John Lowdermilk and Damond Powell were arrested for driving under the influence Tuesday night, according to police reports filed by Iowa City police.  These are the first two offseason incidents involving football players, though both of the arrested drivers were officially done with football in January.

Lowdermilk, who started at strong safety for Iowa over the last two seasons, was pulled over for a broken taillight.  He apparently told police that he was picking up friends from The Summit bar, but did so while wearing a bar wristband.  That's not smart.  His BAC was .09.

Powell, who caught 31 passes in two seasons after transferring to Iowa, was pulled over just after 1 a.m. for driving without his lights on.  Yes, that is just about as dumb as lying about the bar you were just at while wearing its wristband.  His BAC was .12,

Both Lowdermilk and Powell are out of eligibility, so any sort of internal discipline is basically off the table.