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Hawkeyes. Law. Lawkeyes.

Matthew Holst

Jok, Jammed. For the second time this offseason, Peter Jok got picked up by Iowa City police Monday night.  Jok, who picked up an increasingly-frequent mopeding while intoxicated in April for being dumb enough to ride his moped at 2:45 a.m. without a safety flag or taillight cover, was cited for driving on a revoked license.  And what drew the cops' attention to Jok's moped? A missing safety flag and taillight cover:

Iowa sophomore guard Peter Jok was arrested on charges of driving while his license was revoked at 11:45 p.m. Monday night in Iowa City. The arrest took place on the corner of N. Madison and Market Streets. According to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, Jok was pulled over for having improper rear lights and failure to have a safety flag on his moped.

This has to be the dumbest quasi-arrest in the history of BHGP-era Iowa athletics.  Dumber than Kyle Calloway's "320-lb. guy mopeding through an accident scene" arrest.  Dumber than underage James Ferentz driving through University Heights with beer.  It's even dumber than Zech Derby and Tyler Christiansen picking a fight with an off-duty police officer.  That's monumental stupidity.  It's the Mount Rushmore of Stupid.

Fran's disappointed and stuff, and Jok is suspended indefinitely:

"In light of last night's moped incident, I've decided to suspend Peter Jok indefinitely from all University of Iowa basketball related activities," McCaffery said, via "We support Peter, but we're not happy with his recent pattern of behavior. In the interim, Peter will continue to attend summer school classes, participate in community service projects, and take time to work on things internally, as outlined in accordance with the student-athlete Code of Conduct. We will monitor his progress and go from there."

Fran hasn't been as tough on his guys as Ferentz has generally been in the past -- ask De'Andre Johnson what a traffic ticket can do for your career -- so we're still expecting Jok Jamz to return next year, but when the AD feels compelled to comment on your arrest, you can't be too sure of your standing.

The Guy He Punched Had a Foot in the Restricted Area. Speaking of Iowa basketball players and the law, Zach McCabe beat the heat, as all charges related to his 'altercation' with a douchebag on Twitter have been dropped at the request of the victim.  As you certainly recall, Zach punched a guy in an Iowa City bar back in April, then blew the guy a kiss on the way out the door and cemented his status as our favorite player ever.  PSD deduced that the victim was likely one of the twitter trolls who had criticized McCabe during the season.  McCabe pleaded not guilty, and the case died soon after.

Dunk L'Bron. LeBron James is an Ohio guy.  Aaron White is an Ohio guy.  So is it just coincidence that Aaron White attended LeBron's camp in Vegas and LeBron returned to Cleveland immediately afterwards?  Methinks no.

The Iowa basketball star rejoiced when James was drafted by the hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, mourned when James chose to jump to the Miami Heat and rejoiced again when James returned to the Cavs last Friday.

And it made it that much sweeter that White got to spend a little time around James right before he made the move back to his hometown NBA team.

"It was interesting because obviously there was a bunch of media speculation about where he was going right around when we were there,'' White said this week after returning from the LeBron James Skills Camp in Las Vegas.

White has now attended camps hosted by Kevin Durant and LeBron James this offseason, which is insanely impressive given that he wasn't even the best player at Iowa last year.  I still have no idea how this team ended up in a play-in game.


Mark Weisman is left off the Doak Walker Watch List, while Aaron Wimberly gets a spot.  The Doak Walker guys apparently didn't have that Mediacom public access channel that showed last year's Iowa-ISU game.

Former Iowa assistant Bret Bielema took the podium at SEC Media Days and, between veiled cheap shots at no-huddle offenses and hog calls, told reporters that former Iowa quarterback/tight end/bus window puncher A.J. Derby can be "truly exceptional" and "one of the best stories in the SEC this year."

A board op on ESPN Radio's Dallas affiliate is saying that Damond Powell has a hernia and could be out through September.  The guy is an Iowa fan, but the sourcing here leaves a bit to be desired.  No word from the team yet, obviously.

I see you, Weird Al.

And for those who don't watch, Highly Questionable is a show with one of our favorite guys ever (Bomani), one guy who is obnoxious but in a good way (LeBatard), and an old Cuban guy with an accent so absurd it has to be real who spend half an hour each day talking about LeBron James.  So when The Rock was on the show Tuesday to spit venom at LeBron in that same absurd Cuban accent, it basically tied together everything we like.