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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Kirk Ferentz Talks Minnesota

Iowa Football hosts Minnesota Saturday in the annual battle for the Floyd of Rosedale.

Scott Dochterman

KIRK FERENTZ SPOKE TO THE MEDIA YESTERDAY. Vint covered the press conference using the site's new "StoryStream" feature. Here's the full transcript. The players also spoke with the media in the afternoon. The Gazette boys have Kevonte Martin-Manley, Matt Tobin, James Vandenberg, James Ferentz, Brad Rogers, Dominic Alvis, Micah Hyde and Jordan Cotton answering questions.

VANDENBERG DISCUSSES IOWA'S PASSING WOES. James says he doesn't hear (or read) the criticism of him and/or the Iowa offense. He said, ""All you can do is keep trying to do your job and keep moving forward. You can't control what people think. You just have to keep trying to get better and keep doing your job."

MARK WEISMAN IS STAYING AT RUNNING BACK. He's the first Hawkeye running back Ferentz has coached to rush for six touchdowns in two games. Weisman has been so good that Michael Malloy will probably take a red shirt this season. Greg Garmon is listed as Weisman's backup on this week's two-deeps.

TRAVELING TROPHIES ARE SOMETHING THAT MAKE COLLEGE FOOTBALL SPECIAL. The Floyd of Rosedale has been awarded to the winner of the Iowa vs. Minnesota football game each year since 1935. Minnesota has owned Floyd following the last two match-ups. Max Shortell will be the Gopher quarterback when they face Iowa Saturday. He says Iowa snubbed him during the recruiting process and he really wants to keep that pig. It's not just about the pig for Gopher tight end John Rabe. For Rabe, it's about the goalposts.

ESPN SAYS THIS GAME IS A MUST WIN FOR IOWA. If, for anything, to hush some of the negativity still looming from the terrible loss to Central Michigan. Iowa follows the game with Minnesota with a "bye" on the schedule and the sting from two losses in-a-row over two weeks between games will be unbearable.

NEGATIVITY? ERRBODY HATES KIRK. He's #5 on Athlon Sports' hot seat list. Of course, the blurb also says this: "Ferentz has been a solid coach during his time in Iowa State." Adam Jacobi writes that Kirk Ferentz has "without a doubt the worst contract in college football." Spencer Hall, at EDSBS, breaks down what Iowa could purchase with Ferentz's contract. And finally, Pat Forde includes Ferentz in his "what is overpriced in college football."

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