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Peter King: Kirk Ferentz will not be the head coach of the Chiefs

Sports Illustrated insider takes a break from drinking Starbucks to talk about another guy who drinks a ton of Starbucks.

Scott Halleran

As Arrowhead Pride is reporting, Sports Illustrated NFL insider Peter King told the assembled masses watching Football Night in America that Kirk Ferentz will not be the next coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. King may be a blowhard and his offseason posts may be insufferable, but his sources are usually excellent. If he's saying it's not going to happen, it's probably not going to happen.

With that said, the entire situation is fluid. Just hours before King dropped a bomb on the day's earlier rumors, ESPN's Adam Schefter was saying Pioli wasn't going to keep his job. That runs contrary to the reports we got this morning from Ian Rapaport (also usually an impeccable source of NFL information) and his ilk.

Could it be that Pioli is keeping his job and has already eliminated Ferentz as an option? Certainly. But at this point, I'm not sure anyone -- Peter King, Schefter, Rapaport, or Pioli himself -- knows what is going on.