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MARCHIFORNICATION 2013: Mark Weisman vs. Japanese Subway Guy


Two weeks ago, at the Iowa Art Building, an elderly Japanese man cleans up after an art show...


Icon_airbhg_medium YOU

Japan_metro_icon_medium ...

Icon_airbhg_medium YOU OVER THERE

Japan_metro_icon_medium /looks at AIRBHG painting

Icon_airbhg_medium YES, YOU. COME HERE.

Japan_metro_icon_medium /walks to painting

Icon_airbhg_medium LOOK INTO MY EYES

Japan_metro_icon_medium ...

Icon_airbhg_medium HEY! UP HERE! LOOK AT ME!

Japan_metro_icon_medium ...

Icon_airbhg_medium You know I can do this even if you don't look here, right? I just want the dramatic effect.

Japan_metro_icon_medium ...

Icon_airbhg_medium Ugh. Fine. You are now the personification of AIRBHG.


Today, at the Iowa indoor practice facility.

Mark_weisman_icon_medium /runs practice drill

Mark_weisman_icon_medium /slips

Mark_weisman_icon_medium /falls

Mark_weisman_icon_medium /tears ACL, MCL, PCL, and seven other CLs

Mark Weisman has been eliminated

Iconferentz_medium Damn it, who put a banana peel on the practice field?

Japan_metro_icon_medium /whistles, keeps mopping field turf