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MARCHIFORNICATION 2013: Mark Weisman vs. Paul Rhoads

The dreaded 4/5 match-up!




Number 4 Seed: Mark Weisman

How he got here: Served as a human target, led Iowa in rushing (815 yards), had two 200+ yard games (Central Michigan, Minnesota), helped return Floyd of Rosedale to Iowa, was pretty much the only bright spot for Iowa football in 2012, and inspired WEISMANIA.


Number 5 Seed: Paul Rhoads

How he got here: Inspired a great video from StoopsMyAss, had an epic summer vacation, made a weird face at Big XII Media Days, was so proud of Iowa State's new uniforms, really pimped his ride out, rocked a great mustache, and memorably lost his shit:

(click for movement)