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MARCHIFORNICATION 2013: Bloodpunch Wants Some Soup

Icondoor_medium KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK
Campbell_icon_medium /opens door
Campbell_icon_medium Gary?
Iconbarta_medium Hello Erik. I'm sorry to bother you at home.
Campbell_icon_medium No, no. Would you like to come in?
Iconbarta_medium Just for a moment.
Campbell_icon_medium Iconbarta_medium /sit on Soup's couch
Campbell_icon_medium What's on your mind, Gary?
Iconbarta_medium Well, it's the program, Soup. It's so important to everything we do. Football pays for all our other student athletes and coaches, and we can't afford to have it fall apart.
Iconbarta_medium And I'm concerned about Kirk.
Campbell_icon_medium Really? Why is that?
Iconbarta_medium Well...this has to stay between you and me.
Campbell_icon_medium Of course, of course.
Iconbarta_medium Kirk's doctors have informed me he has Banneker's Syndrome. It's a rare disease that makes it impossible to read and understand a clock.
Iconbarta_medium You can see how that would be a problem. If a coach cannot read a clock, he cannot know when to call a timeout or run a hurry-up offense. And we've seen that in recent seasons. In fact, I'm fairly certain his disease is getting worse.
Campbell_icon_medium Well, why are you telling me this? Do you want me to help him with clock management?
Iconbarta_medium No, Soup. We've moved past that. I need someone who can take over the program.
Iconbarta_medium Kirk's done. If he can't read a clock, and his coordinators run the offense and defense, and his players are responsible for execution, what exactly is it that he does?
Iconbarta_medium Norm is going to retire soon, and Ken is too close to Kirk to take his spot. But you haven't been here as long as others. You were a top assistant to Lloyd Carr and Gary Moeller. You clearly understand the game and how to manage a team.
Iconbarta_medium If things get worse, Soup, can you take over the program?
Campbell_icon_medium Well, geez. I don't know.
Campbell_icon_medium I do know most of how Kirk does things.
Campbell_icon_medium I suppose I could take over the program in...2015?
Barta2icon_medium ...
Campbell_icon_medium 2014?
Barta2icon_medium ...
Campbell_icon_medium 2013?

Iconbarta_medium Iconbarta90_medium
Iconbarta_medium There! Good! It's decided.
Iconbarta_medium And, again, Soup: Please keep this quiet. I wouldn't want the other coaches to find out.
Campbell_icon_medium Oh, absolutely, Gary.
Iconbarta_medium Have a good night, Erik.
Campbell_icon_medium You too, Gary.
Iconbarta_medium /walks out the door and into driveway



Iconferentz_medium Well, hello, Gary.
Iconferentz_medium What are you up to?