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Comment Bag: Optimism, Best YouTube of the Week and Noah Fant

It’s Friday... welcome to the mailbag

Pre Comment Bag: Where do we go from here?

You know where. You know all too well

Comment Bag: Indyhawk, Nate “Cyborg” Stanley and Halloween Costumes

It feels so good to be back.

Pre-Comment Bag: Man Plans and God Laughs

Even the best of plans are sometimes ruined.

Pre-Comment Bag: It’s a Trap!

Get your questions in for this weeks Comment Bag now!

Comment Bag: Lamps, Elephants, How to Start Your Tailgate and Confidence in Brandon Smith

Happy Comment Bag Friday!

Pre-Comment Bag: The EleFANT in the Room

I’m finally ready to dive into this weekends biggest controversy.

The Pre-Comment Bag: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Mother Goose? More like Father Hawk.

Hello Jerry Comment Bag: Maui

There is a caper on the loose and he’s not citing his sources.

Hello Jerry Comment-Bag: Football is not Fútbol.

I was on a cruise for the Iowa-Iowa State game. I expected to watch the Iowa-Iowa State game on that cruise. That did not happen.

Hello Jerry Comment-Bag: Paying the Fan Section, Nate Stanley, Fictional Speeches and Wawa

You guys really delivered this week.

Hello Jerry Comment-Bag: The Delusion Before The Swarm

Guess who’s back? Back again?

Hello Jerry Mailbag Solicitation: Good Luck Charm

Fran McCaffery needed a good luck charm. The Hello Jerry Mailbag was just that.

Hello Jerry Mailbag: Goons, Bluder’s Bunch and Expectations

The new year is here and I have things to say.

Hello Jerry Mailbag Solicitation: Judging Fran McCaffery

#HelloJerry Mailbag: Best Hawkeye Moments of 2017, Toys, Albums of the Year and Cake!

You had questions. We have non-answers

#HelloJerry Mailbag: Christmas Party Attire, Fran McCaffery’s Point Guards and Phil Parker


#HelloJerry Mailbag Solicitation: Throwing Cold Water on the Fran McCaffery Hot Takes

Call me next year with your hot takes. In the mean time, Tweet me your mailbag questions!

Hello Jerry Mailbag: Western Movies, Weight lifting and Wedding Planning Tips for the Uninitiated

Friday Finisher edition!

#HelloJerry Mailbag: Guess Who’s Back, BACK AGAIN

Will the real Hello Jerry please stand up?

#HelloJerry Mailbag: I am not a Coyote

A #HelloJerry Mailabg solicitation that turns into an intervention

#HelloJerry Mailbag: Can Kirk Ferentz leave Brian Ferentz alone?

What game in Iowa’s history would you use the Ohio State performance on? And EnergizerHawk gets his.

Hello Jerry Mailbag: Josh Jackson, Bluder’s Bunch, Iowa State and Epcot

It’s Thursday. You’re ready for the weekend. That only means one thing. It’s Mailbag time.

Hello Jerry Mailbag: Getting Seasonal

Halloween, Candy, Beer and Christmas. Oh, and some Hawkeyes too.

Hello Jerry Mailbag Time!

Come with me now, to the land of the mailbag

Hello Jerry Mailbag: Iowa Basketball, Nate Stanley’s place in the record books and Time Travel

Iowa basketball win totals, where Nate Stanley will wind up in the record book, and the one Iowa sporting event I’d travel back in time to watch

Hello Jerry Mailbag: Ain’t No Lie, Baby; Bye, Bye, Bye

I need your questions like Spears needed Timberlake.

Hello Jerry Mailbag: The back-up QB, proper Brewery attire, punting and This Is Us

We have a STACKED Mail Bag this week with questions about punting, quarterbacks, Iowa staff changes, brewery dress codes and Week 2 of the This Is Us Power Rankings

Hello Jerry Mailbag: Perfect

It’s the PERFECT time for a mailbag, wouldn’t you say?

Hello Jerry Mailbag: NCAA Sting, Big Ten Power Couples Collide Match & This Is Us

Kirk Ferentz and Fran McCaffery vs Tom Izzo and Mark Dantonio. This Is Us. The college basketball sting and more.

Hello Jerry Mailbag: I’ll be there for you

I may have been gone for one week, but I’m back and I’ll be there for you!

Hello Jerry Mailbag: Nate Stanley’s Top-5 potential and the Most Clutch QB in Iowa History

Hopefully you all were looking for the Trent Dilfer of Iowa QB play.


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