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The Hawkeye baseball team opens its 2015 season in Port Charlotte, Florida.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Anybody feel like it's baseball season? No? Well, the NCAA doesn't care, so D-1 baseball is underway. Iowa and some compatriots from warmer-but-still-not-warm-enough parts of the country have fled to the Snowbird Classic in Port Charlotte, Florida to open the 2015 season.

The Hawkeyes went 7-1 in Port Charlotte in 2014. They only have three games on the docket this trip, but continued success in Spring Training territory would be most welcome. Unfortunately, there's no video coverage of these games, but radio coverage for all three games will be available via Hawkeye All-Access ($) and you can also follow the action via Gametracker on Following @UIBaseball would also keep one informed of the games. BHGP commenter @codyhills1 will also be at the games and posting comments and observations, so feel free to follow him.

We'll do our best to post updates throughout the weekend in this thread, too.

The games:

Game 1: Iowa vs. Kansas State, Friday Feb. 13, 2:00 PM CT

Pitching Probables 2014 W-L 2014 ERA
Tyler Peyton (IOWA) 5-1 4.86
Nate Griep (KSU) 3-7 4.66

Game 2: Iowa vs. Saint Louis, Saturday Feb. 14, 9:30 AM CT

Pitching Probables 2014 W-L 2014 ERA
Blake Hickman (IOWA) 2-2 3.93
Zach Girrens (SLU) 1-4 4.88

Game 3: Iowa vs. George Mason, Sunday Feb. 15, 10:00 AM CT

Pitching Probables 2014 W-L 2014 ERA
Calvin Mathews (IOWA) 3-3 2.72
Jake Kalish (GMU) 2-1 3.03

Here's Iowa's projected defensive lineup (with a few offensive stats), in case anyone was wondering about my MS Paint abilities relative to the rest of the writing staff:

Usual gamethread rules apply.