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Depth chartin' ahoy.

Beathard handing the ball off to Daniels -- there's a sneak peek of your 2015 Iowa offense.
Beathard handing the ball off to Daniels -- there's a sneak peek of your 2015 Iowa offense.
Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like just a few short months ago that we were picking apart a 2015 Iowa football depth chart... and, oh right, that's because we were.  Honestly, not much has changed between that still-bizarre January depth chart and the depth chart that Iowa released today, outside of the official de-Rudocking of the quarterback position.  Which should come as no surprise -- the departing seniors were already removed from that January depth chart and it's not like there have been practices since then to give guys an opportunity to improve (or weaken) their placement. Speaking of Rudock... no official transfer destination has been announced, but Kirk Ferentz did say today that has been given "an open release," meaning he's free to transfer anywhere, including within the Big Ten.

Here are the official spring depth chart listings, with a few added thoughts.


QB: C.J. Beathard, Tyler Wiegers
RB: Jordan Canzeri OR LeShun Daniels, Jr.
FB: Macon Plewa, Adam Cox
WR: Tevaun Smith, Jacob Hillyer
WR: Matt VandeBerg, Andrew Stone
TE: Henry Krieger Coble OR Jake Duzey
LT: Boone Myers, Cole Croston
LG: Sean Welsh, Ross Reynolds
C: Austin Blythe, Eric Simmons
RG: Jordan Walsh, Mitch Keppy
RT: Ike Boettger, Keegan Render

  • RS FR Tyler Wiegers has officially ascends to the QB2 role now; now it's just a matter of time until he becomes everyone's favorite player, too.
  • There was one change at the RB position: Canzeri and Daniels are now listed as co-starters rather than Canzeri, then Daniels (as was the case back in January).  Ferentz confirmed that the staff considers Canzeri and Daniels co-starters at the moment.
  • The WR position remains more than a little terrifying to contemplate outside of the Canadian Missile.
  • Speaking of RBs and WRs... the staff is looking at Jonathan Parker at WR this spring.
  • I don't know much about either Boone Myers or Ike Boettger (currently projected to be Iowa's starting tackles), but "Ike" and "Boone" sure sound like good offensive lineman names, right?  Also, they've certainly bulked up in the last few months -- Myers was listed at 285 in January; he's now at 300.  Boettger was listed at 267 in January and is now also at 300.
  • HKC and Duzey are also listed as co-starters at tight end, but that probably doesn't mean a lot -- if 2015 is anything like the past few seasons, both guys will see quite a bit of action.  HKC will be out of action this spring while he rehabs a shoulder injury, though.


DE: Nate Meier, Matt Nelson
DT: Jaleel Johnson, Faith Ekakitie
DT: Nathan Bazata, Kyle Terlouw
DE: Drew Ott, Parker Hesse
OLB: Ben Niemann, Cole Fisher
MLB: Josey Jewell, Travis Perry
WLB: Bo Bower, Cole Fisher OR Aaron Mends
CB: Greg Mabin, Maurice Fleming
SS: Miles Taylor, Brandon Snyder
FS: Jordan Lomax, Anthony Gair
CB: Desmond King, Sean Draper

  • Speaking of guys out for the spring due to injury rehab... that would be why Darian Cooper is not listed among the names at DT.  He's returning from a knee injury and, per Ferentz, still has a "significant road ahead."  Gulp.  Looks like Iowa fans just gotta have Faith (Ekakitie).
  • The only change at LB is Cole Fisher/Aaron Mends replacing Reggie Spearman as the main backup at WLB. Spearman, of course, left Iowa earlier this spring.  (And landed at Illinois State, who happens to be on Iowa's 2015 schedule.)
  • I had never even heard of Brandon Snyder until these last two depth charts.  I mean, an in-state walk-on on the two-deeps at safety?  WHAT ARE THE ODDS, RIGHT?!
  • Iowa returns more starters in the defensive secondary than anywhere else on defense; Miles Taylor is the only new starter (at SS) there.  Hopefully that experience leads to improved continuity and stronger performances in 2015.
  • There's also a lot of returnees at LB, where Iowa got some very uneven play last year.  Hopefully that inconsistency was mostly a result of inexperience; Iowa is going to need much better play out of all three LB spots this fall.


K: Marshall Koehn, Mick Ellis
P: Connor Kornbrath, Dillon Kidd

  • No changes here, although I'd guess both "starting" specialists have fairly short leashes -- especially at punter.  Iowa needs improved production at that spot, period.
  • No talk about possible return men.  Iowa will definitely need a new punt returner with Kevonte Martin-Manley graduating.  Jordan Canzeri has done spells at kick returner in recent years, but I'd doubt he sees much time there in 2015 if he's getting starter reps at running back.  I think it's unlikely that we see Jonathan Parker at KR again after... well, you know.