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Let's watch the trenches.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

WE'VE ALREADY LOOKED AT THE SCORING PLAYS. And in that the best player on the field Saturday, C.J. Beathard. Last week, we took a look at the things that makes Beathard different from what Iowa has had in awhile. He proved Saturday he has even more tools than that even. This week, we'll take a look at why Iowa was able to beat Iowa State when it mattered, the fourth quarter.

HAHA. I lied. A little. When was the last time the Iowa offense was a threat to do that? That's not the only reason for the Vine though. I wanted to spotlight Jordan Walsh because he had a helluva game. Walsh has been part of the Iowa O-line for three seasons now and often identified as a possible weak spot. When he suffered an injury early last season that opened the door for Tommy Gaul. Well, Walsh is making something thus far out of his first two starts his senior campaign and if he keeps it up will hear his name next year's NFL Draft.

ANY-WHO. This was Jordan Walsh too and in the first quarter.

AND NOW THE FOURTH QUARTER. And I want you to see this.

And this.

See what happened to the line of scrimmage? With the game tied at 17 and four minutes to go, Iowa State was dead meat. The Iowa O-line was a reason for concern entering the season having to replace two NFL Draft picks at each tackle position. Thus far, they're passing the test.

And how about Jameer Outsey? He's #92 in these clips. It was somewhat surprising to see a former linebacker turned tight end get the nod Saturday over 4-star recruit Jon Wisnieski and veteran Peter Pekar. But after watching the pop he delivers with his block it was no longer a surprise. He brings that linebacker mentality to an offensive position. That'll work.

Now, not to be Debbie Downer, but Iowa's not played a top notch defensive team yet. There was a lot of talk of Iowa State's defense being an improved unit over last year but Saturday's performance didn't do much to prove that. Iowa did something they've done only a handful of times the last 15 years (thanks to @mbenson6).

Sure, Iowa's O-line is no 2002-03 but that Iowa didn't have a QB that rushed for 75+ yards in two of his last three games (Brad Banks never rushed for 75+ in a game in his career). That certainly helps this Saturday's performance to that list. But before we get too excited about the remaining 10 games let's consider Iowa State's rush defense ranks 91st in the nation and is probably on its way to another finish in the 100s.

FINALLY. We will give the defense some love this year and they deserve it for that performance Saturday. Nate Meier is playing his best football and Jaleel Johnson is proving to be the player we thought he would be.

There's been some nickle, dime and Raider stuff already on display at times this season. We'll get to that side, rest assured. For now, here's this one to just enjoy: