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Hooray, football is fun again! Let's re-live some of the biggest plays from Iowa's 31-17 win over Iowa State.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Woo!  Iowa

First there was this stunning touchdown pass from C.J. Beathard to Tevaun Smith to even the score at 10-10.  Smith was not exactly open... but it didn't matter.  Good coverage can't beat a great pass -- and a great catch.

Next up, Matthew VandeBerg was the hero of the day for being in the right place at the exact right time when Henry Krieger-Coble fumbled the ball after a long catch and run.  The MandeBerg made a series of clutch catches throughout this game, but this play was as big as any of 'em.

Thought Iowa would run the clock down and kick a field goal with the scored tied at 17 late in the game?  So did I, so did everyone watching on TV, so did everyone in the stands at Jack Trice, and so (probably) did the Iowa State defense. But just when you think you have the answers, Greg Davis changes the question -- and dials up a Beathard pass on a rollout.  Beathard and Riley McCarron made that playcall look brilliant with picture perfect execution on their hook-up for the game-winning touchdown.

Desmond King had some rough plays earlier in the game, but he came through in a big, big way in the fourth quarter.  First, with a fantastic, shifty, tackle-breaking punt return that set up the Beathard-McCarron touchdown above. And then he iced the game with this huge interception of Sam B. Richardson.

Finally, Jordan Canzeri capped off a strong day of work with a touchdown run that put the exclamation point on Iowa's win.

Or just watch the highlight clip from Hawkeye Sports:

Go Iowa Awesome.