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We're watchin' practice.


Ever since Chris Ruth came to Iowa a few years ago as the Assistant Video Coordinator, the quality of Iowa's video offerings has markedly improved.  The latest evidence?  This lengthy video breaking down a day in Iowa's fall training camp:


That was more entertaining than Chris White's actual explanation during a special teams meeting for what the "BLN" acronym means.  We also get to see LeVar Woods coach the tight ends during a pair of drills ("elbows in!") and witness part of a passing drill with C.J. Beathard (#16), Tyler Wiegers (#8), Drew Cook (#18), and Ryan Boyle (#11).  Beathard also gets spotlighted in a lengthy segment breaking down a pass play with Greg Davis.  There's also food -- oh so much food.

The highlight of the video comes around 10 minutes in, when they spotlight some actual scrimmage action between the offense and the defense.  The defense stuffs a Canzeri run, but Beathard zips a first down pass to Tevaun Smith and completes a beautiful deep ball to Matthew VandeBerg (over Jordan Lomax).  More of that in real games, please, C.J.

We don't get too many peeks behind the curtain at Iowa and while this video is obviously a heavily mediated look at what goes on at an Iowa practice (it was produced and released by Iowa, after all), it's still nice to get a better idea of what happens during practice.  Give it a view.