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Are Iowa practice pics trying to tell us something?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

ONCE IN AWHILE, Iowa's pictures posted of the previous day's practice tell us something. Sometimes they don't. After a dismal open practice at Kid's Day in Iowa City, Kirk Ferentz called this week moving week. With classes starting up next week, this final week of two-a-days would figure big for some new faces working their way into the starting lineups. One spot a new face may emerge is at the starting left tackle position.

Fans, like myself, and media folks walked away from their one open viewing of the Iowa team last Saturday with serious concerns about the left tackle position. Boone Myers has been listed as the replacement for Outland Trophy winner Brandon Scherff since last January. It appears he's been passed by Cole Croston -- at least for one practice and for who knows how many reps. Practice pictures don't tell the whole story and leave a lot to our imaginations. But it's not one pic here -- it's several. Take a look (all credit to Brian Ray and Hawkeye Sports):


cole croston4

Check out the rest of the pics as well -- #17 has George Kittle blocking Ott with Croston in the background.  #18 has Boone Myers blocking Parker Hesse, a second-team linebacker.

Elsewhere in pics from practice no. 13, Jordan Lomax and Jordan Walsh are back in pads. We also see James Daniels above working with the second unit at left guard next to Myers. Walsh, Sean Welsh and Eric Simmons look to be in a battle for both starting guard positions.

Has Croston passed Myers? There's no way to tell for sure, but the pics from one practice say a lot  -- at least about that one practice. And given Myers' performances at the last two open practices (last spring and last Saturday), a change is certainly conceivable. It's possible, if not likely, that replacing Scherff will be a developing story long into the season and not one that's settled in August.