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Farewell, long, flowing locks...

A sight you won't see this fall.
A sight you won't see this fall.
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

We don't normally cover too many follicle-related stories around these parts, but when Iowa's new starting quarterback gets rid of his trademark locks (and probably the most recognizable hair to adron a Hawkeye player since Mitch King), well, we make an exception.

Goodbye, C.J.'s hair.  Adios, "Sunshine" jokes.  Perhaps we'll meet again someday... Kudos to C.J. for giving up his hair for a very good cause, though.  As ESPN notes, Wigs For Kids donates custom-made wigs (valued at $1800 per wig) to children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments.

Now we're just left with the hope that, unlike the mighty Samson, Beathard's hair was not the source of his powers. The Iowa offense has enough question marks already without C.J. losing the mojo that made so many fans (and, eventually, coaches) become infatuated with his ability.

Meanwhile, at least we still have Drew Ott's mullet... OH DAMMIT.

EDIT: The Gazette has a gallery of C.J.'s hair through the years.  Here's our recommended musical accompaniment as you flip through that gallery:

(H/T to Chad Leistikow at The Des Moines Register)