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One of Iowa's main weapons on offense needs to be repaired.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

A bit of a delayed update here, but anyway... We first heard that Duzey suffered an injury during spring practice at the end of last week.  Ferentz noted it after the Spring Game on Saturday and provided an update during his recent I-Club stop in Des Moines.  Per Hawkeye Nation:

Ferentz said the Iowa tight end had surgery April 27, and is optimistic he'll be able to play in three to four months.

"We got as good of news as you possibly could hope for," Ferentz said. "We'll keep our fingers crossed and hope everything goes smoothly."

Duzey reportedly needed surgery to repair a torn patellar tendon.  A 3-4 month rehab process is good news, at least in terms of Duzey's potential availability to play next fall.  (It's certainly better news than if he had torn his ACL.) If that timetable holds, he should be able to return to action around the time that fall practice gets underway in Iowa City and may be ready in time for the season opener against Illinois State on September 5th.

Getting Duzey healthy and ready to play in time for the 2015 season would be very good news indeed for an Iowa offense that needs as many weapons as it can get.  With Duzey absent at the Spring Game, George Kittle seemed to fill his role in the Iowa offense as a (relatively) quick, sure-handed passcatcher.  Kittle looked solid and has showed promise at times in the past, but Duzey's athleticism and experience give him a clear advantage.  He caught 36 passes for 392 yards 3 TD a year ago and seems likely to play an even bigger role in the 2015 Iowa passing offense, given the lack of experienced and reliable options among this year's wide receivers and tight ends.  Plus, he did this:

Anyone who can do that is a guy I want on the field for Iowa.

Here's hoping that Duzey's rehabilitation process avoids complications and goes quickly and that he's ready go when next season kicks off.  The Iowa offense is going to need him.