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Merry Creepmas!

National Signing Day, or as Alabama fans call it, Second Christmas, is upon us.  It's the one day of the year when fax machines across the country still have value and when college football fans from coast to coast get way-too-interested in the decisions of 18-year olds.  Truly, 'tis a magical time of year.

For the most part, Iowa won't be a part of the Signing Day drama elsewhere today.  We're not on pins and needles waiting for a 5* recruit to make his decision this morning.  Iowa's class is mostly done and dusted, just waiting for the fax machine to make things official.  I say "mostly" because there is one player with an Iowa offer who will be making his decision official:

Higdon was originally a South Florida commit, then flipped to Iowa last fall.  He's stayed firm with Iowa since, but a late offer from Michigan (and official visit to Ann Arbor) seems to have allowed some doubt to creep into that decision.  It's possible that he's just enjoying the spotlight and will just be making his Iowa commitment official... but given the way things have gone for Iowa lately (and our overall track record when competing against blueblood programs and with guys making Hat Dances), well... let's just say we don't have a great feeling about this one.  Higdon is the lone running back recruit in this class as well as one of the most promising members of this class, period, so losing him would certainly be a big blow.

We should know the outcome of his decision very soon, though.  Here's your open thread to keep up with all the National Signing Day action, both at Iowa and elsewhere.

The usual rules apply.