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Iowa Football Recruiting 2015: New Hawkeye Wide Receiver Emmanuel Ogwo

Three-star wide receiver from Mesquite, Texas.

Emmanuel Ogwo

Wide Receiver

Hometown: Mesquite, Texas
Height: 6'
Weight: 175
247 Sports Composite Rating: 3-star
Other Offers: La Monroe, UNLV, Rutgers
Caring Is Creepy: Have a Seat Emmanuel Ogwo

To be fair, Emmanuel Ogwo is actually just the second wide receiver from Texas that Iowa has landed since the arrival of Greg Davis; let's hope he pans out better than Anjeus Jones did. But in terms of size and speed, Ogwo definitely fits the profile of what Iowa is looking for in a receiver these days. Greg Davis criticized the speed of Iowa's receivers almost from the minute he arrived in Iowa City, and it's not hard to see why -- Davis' short passing game depends on quick decisions and being able to make the first defender miss at the line of scrimmage. You need speed to do that.

COMPARABLE. Ogwo is smaller but can run, like Damond Powell. If Powell was ever 175 it was in pads and sopping wet. Ogwo could grow to 190 and keep the speed. Perhaps Ogwo will learn the playbook by year three on campus.