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No upsets, no movement. Because nobody stayed up to watch Stanford.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

After a 31-15 win over Maryland Saturday, the Iowa Hawkeyes remained 10th in the Associated Press Top 25 and 11th in the Amway Coaches Poll.  The weekend found five of the top seven teams in the major polls inactive, limiting the possibility of an upset that would move the Hawkeyes up the poll.  In fact, just two teams in last week's top 17 -- Clemson and Michigan State, which flipped positions after Clemson handled NC State -- moved this week in the Coaches Poll.  No. 8 Notre Dame and No. 9 Stanford flipped positions in the A.P. Poll.

AP Coaches
1 Ohio State (39) Ohio State (48)
2 Baylor (6) Baylor (9)
3 Clemson (6) TCU (4)
4 LSU (5) LSU (1)
5 TCU (4) Clemson (2)
6 Michigan State Michigan State
7 Alabama (1) Alabama
8 Notre Dame Stanford
9 Stanford Notre Dame
10 Iowa Oklahoma State
11 Florida Iowa
12 Oklahoma State Florida
13 Utah Oklahoma
14 Oklahoma Utah
15 Memphis Florida State
16 Michigan Memphis
17 Florida State Michigan
18 Houston Houston
19 Ole Miss Ole Miss
20 Toledo Toledo
21 North Carolina North Carolina
23 Temple Temple
24 Mississippi State Texas A&M
25 Texas A&M Mississippi State

The big movement in both polls was at the bottom of the poll, where former Iowa opponent Pitt lost to North Carolina and fell out of the rankings.  Wisconsin is the top team outside the standings (how the Badgers are behind the comical Mississippi State is beyond me) in both, and Pitt continues to receive votes.

The best news of all?  The College Football Playoff Selection Committee convenes Sunday, and will release its first poll of the season Tuesday night.  The Committee has previously shown it has little use for the traditional polls and an eye on objective -- not subjective -- strength of schedule, so the opinions of coaches and sportswriters will become almost entirely irrelevant the moment the real poll is published.