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Let's go to the video...

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa beat Wisconsin for the first time since 2009 yesterday -- that was fun!  The game itself wasn't always fun, but it did have several notable highlights -- so let's re-live them!

C.J. Beathard's ability to make plays with his legs has been a very welcome addition to the Iowa offense, and he flashed that skill early in the game.  It wasn't the fastest juke you've ever seen, but the Wisconsin dude trying to tackle him still got juked off the field.

Desmond King's big play ability has been critical to Iowa's ability to win their two most difficult games of the season so far (Pitt, Wisconsin).  The first of his two interceptions yesterday was probably the easiest pick he'll have all year.

It's not every day we get to see Jordan Canzeri deliver a stiff-arm and send a defender flopping to the ground.  So let's enjoy it.

There was one (1) touchdown in the game -- for either team -- so we should definitely savor it.  The strong running by Canzeri early in the game (and on this particular drive) was a perfect set-up for play-action, with Beathard executed to perfection on this bootleg and toss to George Kittle (two touchdowns in two games!).

Desmong King wasn't the only Hawkeye who got into the turnover game on Saturday -- Iowa's twin terrors at defensive end, Drew Ott and Nate Meier, teamed up on this big sack, strip, and recovery that set up Iowa's only other score of the game, a short Marshall Koehn field goal.

King decided one interception was nice, but two was even better, so he snared another Stave pass early in the second half.

We take a short break from our recap of key Iowa plays to check in on Wisconsin fans.

They seem frustrated. Oh right, probably because of plays like this.  This fumble is probably more dumb luck than anything that can be credited to an Iowa defender -- it looks like Stave steps on the foot of one of his linemen, which causes him to tumble to the turf and lose the ball -- but a little luck is always welcome.  Props to Faith Ekakitie for pouncing on the ball when it was on the ground, too.  It looked very much like Wisconsin was going to score the go-ahead touchdown on this series and given the Iowa offense's struggles to do much of anything in the second half, that could have been the end of Iowa's upset bid.

Let's check in on Wisconsin fans aga--GAH NIGHTMARE FUEL

And now we go to our happy ending, wherein our intrepid heroes rush to claim their prize.

Get that bull, gentlemen.  It's been a long time coming.

BONUS!  Here's a highlight video from Hawkeye Sports that's worth watching, too: