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Happy Houghtlin Day, everybody!

Sorry, Messrs. Kaeding, Murray, and Koehn. With all due respect to your great work and the clutch kicks that you made that sent us into fits of delirious joy, there's only one choice for the biggest kick -- the greatest kick -- in the history of Iowa football. And it just so happened to take place 30 years ago today.

October 19, 1985. #1 Iowa. #2 Michigan. Kinnick Stadium. The biggest game in in the history of Kinnick Stadium? Very probably. #1 versus #2 games are rare creatures to begin with. #1 versus #2 games involving Iowa -- and hosted at Kinnick Stadium, no less -- are even rarer. Iowa was atop the football world 30 years ago and their crowning moment was this game, an epic, hard-fought battle against a historic Big Ten powerhouse in the midst of a tremendous season of their own. The names in the game are the stuff of legend for Big Ten fans: Bo Schembechler. Hayden Fry. Jim Harbaugh. Chuck Long. And so many more.

The game came down to a kick and another legendary name -- at least, a name that's legendary among Iowa fans. Rob Houghtlin had made three field goals earlier in the game, but with two seconds to go, Iowa trailed 10-9 and needed Houghtlin to boot one more kick between the uprights. One more kick to preserve an undefeated season (and get Iowa to 6-0). One more kick to defeat a longtime Big Ten nemesis. One more kick to stay #1.

The kick was good.

The 1985 season hit a few speedbumps after this great moment, but this game -- and this kick -- will live forever in the hearts and minds of Iowa fans. Thanks for 30 years of great memories, Rob Houghtlin & Co.

And if you need more highlights from that game:

Or, hell, just watch the whole dang game if you want.