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We've almost raised enough to get Hayden Fry to Evanston. Now let's give him some company.

Northwestern wants to turn back the clock to 1995 this week, and we here at BHGP are ready to help (if you missed the full story of Hayden Fry and mid-90s Northwestern, read it here).  So far, we are well over halfway to raising the funds to send Hayden Fry to the game as our honorary captain, but somehow that feels insufficient.

Therefore, we ask that the 20,000 Iowa fans that will be in attendance at Ryan Field indulge us for one Saturday and turn Evanston into Fry-vanston.  This Saturday, if you're going to be in attendance, dress like Hayden Fry.  There are only two mandatory items: Aviator sunglasses and a mustache.  The rest -- mesh Iowa hat with embroidered laurels on the bill, white pants, black coat or sweater, Rose Bowl lapel pin -- are optional but encouraged.  Here are some excellent examples from the BHGP Purdue trip in 2011:

After all, what would be more terrifying for Gary Barnett and Pat Fitzgerald than looking into the stands and seeing 20,000 ass-kickin', flea-flickin', shades-wearin', hole-through-your-brain-starin' SOB's looking back at them?  Nothing.  There is nothing more terrifying to them.

So let's give Fitz some nightmare fuel.  Fry-Out Ryan Field.