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Changes, changes, and more changes.

The offensive tackles might wanna bring nametags on Saturday.
The offensive tackles might wanna bring nametags on Saturday.
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We haven't done one of these posts for a while, but with all the injuries over the last few weeks, the depth chart that Iowa started the year with is no longer the one they're working with now.  So it's worth taking a look at how things stand on the current depth chart, especially as Iowa prepares for a critical game against Northwestern on Saturday.


QB: C.J. Beathard, Tyler Wiegers
RB: Jordan Canzeri, Akrum Wadley/Derrick Mitchell, Jr.
FB: Macon PlewaAdam Cox
WR: Jerminic Smith, Jacob Hillyer
WR: Matthew VandeBerg, Riley McCarron
WR: Jacob Hillyer, Riley McCarron
TE: Henry Krieger CobleGeorge Kittle
LT: Cole Croston, Ryan Ward
LG: Sean Welsh, Eric Simmons
C: Austin BlytheEric Simmons
RG: Jordan Walsh, Keegan Render
RT: James Daniels, Keegan Render

With LeShun Daniels rehabbing a high ankle sprain (maybe he'll be ready to contribute more after the bye week?), the role of Canzeri's backup is currently being filled by Wadley and Mitchell, although as we saw on Saturday, the coaches trust Canzeri and... Canzeri.  Jerminic Smith remains the starter at WR while Tevaun Smith rehabs his knee injury.  The biggest changes are along the offensive line, obviously, where Croston remains at LT (in place of Boone Myers) and James Daniels is listed at RT (in place of Ike Boettger).  The injury status for Myers and Boettger is murky -- it's possible that one or both could be available on Saturday.  Frankly, we hope they are, as an offensive line bookended by Croston and Daniels is one that induces some real anxiety.  At least the interior of Iowa's line is healthy. Ferentz may provide some updates on the status of Myers and Boettger during his press conference tomorrow.


DE: Nate MeierMatt Nelson
DT: Jaleel JohnsonFaith Ekakitie
DT: Nathan Bazata, Kyle Terlouw
DE: Parker Hesse, Bud Spears
OLB: Ben Niemann, Bo Bower
MLB: Josey JewellTravis Perry
WLB: Cole Fisher, Aaron Mends
CB: Greg MabinMaurice Fleming
SS: Miles Taylor, Anthony Gair
FS: Jordan LomaxBrandon Snyder
CB: Desmond KingSean Draper/Josh Jackson

Obviously, one very big change to the defensive two-deeps -- Drew Ott is out, replaced by Parker Hesse.  Bud Spears emerges from the shadows to claim a spot as Hesse's back-up.  Although if something happened to Hesse (plz no), I would not be surprised if Nelson might not be the one who was called on to see more snaps -- Spears has been very far down the defensive end ladder for a while now.  The other change of note is Josh Jackson being listed as co-backup with Sean Draper behind Desmond King -- Jackson has seen increased snaps of late and is definitely being groomed as King's eventual successor.


P: Dillon Kidd, Marshall Koehn
K: Marshall Koehn, Miguel Recinos
PR: Desmond King, Riley McCarron
KR: Desmond King, Riley McCarron
LS: Tyler Kluver, Matt Nelson
H: Dillon Kidd, Tyler Wiegers

The depth chart doesn't actually list the returners, but it's fair to assume that King will remain the option of choice back there -- if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?  Northwestern gave up a big return to Michigan in their 38-0 drubbing last weekend and a few big returns from King on Saturday could go a long way toward helping an Iowa offense that figures to need all the help it can get, given the injuries along the offensive line and the quality of the Northwestern defense.