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Iowa didn't show up for its bowl game, why should I for this blog post?

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

I've decided to treat today's "Four Factors In Review" like Iowa played in the Tax Slayer Bowl. It only seems fitting. So expect the fundamentals of writing, like tackling spellling, to be pourly exicuted. I'm also only planning on writing somewhat well in the review of the 4th factor. The first will be terrifyingly bad and the second and third just slightly better. And by the point I get to the fourth, you'll have already stopped reading and switched over to reading about basketball or something. Maybe I'll switch point of views every other sentence, just to keep you on your toes. FightForIowa thinks that is a good idea.

But don't blame me for this poor excuse for a blog post showing up on BHGP. This is the result of Pat Vint recruiting a random in-state dude in Des Moines that was writing on this small time site. And the Training & Education program around here isn't what it used to be. They used to be able to turn a lawyer into a good blogger, but now they can't even help a web developer, like me, write a simple review. If BHGP wants good writers, then it needs to step up and hire English majors or something.

And it's nothing new. I've been spitting out junk for a while now...just going through the motions. Greg Davis singing a Taylor Swift parody...I wrote that and still got a pay check? Clearly the administration around here isn't going to make changes. And as long as people keep reading, it's going to remain status quo.

On to the review!

In Review

The Quarterback Thing

Iowa has a way of making mediocre quarterbacks look super accurate. Dobbs didn't kill Iowa through the air, but did complete 76% of his throws for 129 yards and a TD. And that was plenty enough considering he ran for another 76 yards and Tennessee finished with 461 yards of total offense.

Run the Ball

Healthly Jordan Canzeri is a nice thing. He had 120 yards on just 12 carries. C.J. Beathard also looked good running the ball. Maybe they'll be the starting backfield next year! We can dream, right? Iowa actually ended up with one of their better rushing performances on the year with 244 yards, a good 80 yards better than average. Unfortunately most of those yards came after the game was long over.

Avoid the Weird and Wacky

There was the double pass trick play that Iowa bit on hard and the definetly "weird and wacky" kick return/illegal forward pass play... But as it turned out, lining straight up and just playing ball, Tennessee was a lot better at that.


The SEC East had itself a good bowl season. The B1G West, not so much (save for Wisconsin).